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Cultivating Success: Unveiling the Nutrient Symphony for abundant Oilseed Harvests – Kynoch’s Fertiliser for Oilseeds will support yield and growth potential and improve crop quality. Get the best solution for your crop type from the trusted fertiliser supplier in South Africa.

Looking for the best fertiliser for oilseeds? In the dynamic landscape of agriculture, where the demand for high-quality oilseeds continues to surge, the role of precise and tailored fertilisation strategies cannot be overstated. At the forefront of this agricultural revolution stands Kynoch Fertilizer, a distinguished leader in the fertiliser industry in South Africa. As a steadfast advocate for sustainable and yield-maximising practices, Kynoch Fertilizer has pioneered the development of crop-type and growth stage specific fertilisers to meet the unique demands of various crops. In this endeavour, our focus on fertiliser for oilseed crops has been particularly paramount, acknowledging the specific nutrient needs that underscore their growth and development.

Fertiliser for Oilseeds

Oilseed crops, such as sunflower, soybean, and canola, represent vital components of the global agricultural tapestry. These crops serve as primary sources for edible oils, protein-rich meals, and biofuels. Understanding the intricate dance of nutrients required for optimal oilseed production is central to unlocking the full potential of these crops. Kynoch Fertilizer takes pride in its commitment to providing farmers with innovative fertilisation solutions that align seamlessly with the nuanced requirements of oilseed cultivation.

Read more about the science behind our crop-type and growth stage specific fertiliser for oilseeds, as we shed light on the precise nutrient needs of oilseed crops throughout their life cycle. By exploring the symbiotic relationship between fertiliser formulations and the developmental milestones of oilseeds, we aim to empower farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary to cultivate thriving oilseed crops and usher in a new era of agricultural prosperity. Join us on this journey as we unravel the secrets to cultivating success in oilseed farming with Kynoch Fertilizer as your trusted partner.

Sunflower OEMFF® – Fertiliser for oilseeds

Kynoch is proud of its forward-thinking foliar range that addresses crop-specific needs. The OEMFF® product range is specially formulated and growth stage-specific to boost your crop to reach only their best at each growth stage. Click here for information about our Sunflower OEMFF®, the advantages and application of this fertiliser for oilseeds.

Fertiliser for Oilseeds

Biostimulants for your Oilseeds – KynoFulvate Yellow®  & KynoKelp®

Enter Kynoch Fertilizer’s arsenal of biostimulants, meticulously crafted to elevate Oilseed cultivation through targeted and innovative solutions.

Fertiliser for Oilseeds

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Fertiliser for Oilseeds

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In the pursuit of optimising oilseed cultivation, Kynoch Fertilizer presents a dynamic duo of biostimulants that redefine the way farmers approach crop nutrition—KynoFulvate Yellow® and KynoKelp®. These innovative formulations are meticulously crafted to enhance plant growth, boost nutrient uptake, and fortify oilseed crops against the challenges of the ever-changing agricultural landscape.

  1. KynoFulvate Yellow®: Fuelling Growth from Root to Fruit

KynoFulvate Yellow® stands at the forefront of plant growth stimulation and nutrient optimisation. Harnessing the power of fulvic acids, this biostimulant can be applied either as a foliar spray or directly to the soil, offering flexibility to farmers in integrating it with existing fertiliser regimens. Fulvic acids, a key component of KynoFulvate Yellow®, play a pivotal role in enhancing seed germination, elevating energy levels, and increasing membrane permeability.

The magic of fulvates lies in their ability to form complexes with soil nutrients, mobilising them for enhanced availability to the plant. Within the plant, KynoFulvate Yellow® facilitates nutrient movement by improving membrane permeability. This dual-action approach promotes not only the efficient uptake of nutrients but also supports critical processes such as seed germination, ensuring a strong start for oilseed crops.

  1. KynoKelp®: Harnessing the Essence of the Ocean for Resilient Crops

Derived from the kelp species Ecklonia maxima, found along the Atlantic coast of Southern Africa, KynoKelp® is a seaweed suspension that delivers a bounty of natural macro and micro elements. Whether applied as a foliar spray or directly to the roots, KynoKelp® emerges as a key player in fortifying oilseed crops against environmental stressors.

KynoKelp® is a catalyst for robust root growth, enhancing nutrient absorption and water utilisation. The strengthened root system translates into established, resilient plants that yield higher and withstand the rigors of fruit production. As oilseed crops face various stress factors during their growth cycle, KynoKelp® emerges as a reliable ally, aiding in stress management and ensuring consistent growth.

A Harmonious Symphony: KynoFulvate Yellow® and KynoKelp® Together

The true power of these biostimulants lies in their synergy. When used in tandem, KynoFulvate Yellow® and KynoKelp® create a harmonious blend that addresses the multifaceted needs of oilseed crops throughout their life cycle. From the germination phase to the final stages of fruiting, this powerful combination fosters nutrient uptake, resilience, and overall plant health.

In embracing KynoFulvate Yellow® and KynoKelp®, farmers partnering with Kynoch Fertilizer gain access to a comprehensive solution that transcends traditional fertilisation practices. Welcome to a new era of oilseed cultivation—where growth is not just sustained but optimised for maximum yield and quality. Cultivate success with Kynoch Fertilizer, where innovation meets the soil, and the future of agriculture blossoms.

KynoPlus® – Limit Your Nitrogen Losses

Fertiliser for Oilseeds

KynoPlus® revolutionises nitrogen fertilisation for oilseed crops, addressing the challenges associated with untreated urea application. Traditional methods often lead to substantial nitrogen losses due to volatilisation, exacerbated by uncontrollable factors. KynoPlus® is the solution, significantly reducing volatilisation and safeguarding your nitrogen investment. This innovative product enhances the efficiency of applied nitrogen, translating into elevated crop quality, increased yields, and enhanced profitability.

Furthermore, KynoPlus® boasts one of the highest nitrogen concentrations available, minimising the quantity of product needed for transportation. This results in a remarkable reduction of transportation costs by over 50%, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution for farmers. With KynoPlus® contributing to increased profitability through heightened yields, lowered fertilisation costs, and reduced environmental impact, it emerges as the go-to choice for forward-thinking farmers seeking excellence in oilseed crop management. Choose KynoPlus® for a smarter, more sustainable approach to nitrogen fertilisation and witness the transformation of your agricultural practices.

Cultivate Excellence with Kynoch Fertilizer: Your Trusted Partner for Oilseed Prosperity

In the ever-evolving realm of agriculture, where precision and innovation are the keys to success, Kynoch Fertilizer emerges as your steadfast ally on the journey to oilseed prosperity. As we traverse the intricate landscape of oilseed cultivation, the undeniable efficacy of our biostimulants, KynoFulvate Yellow® and KynoKelp®, Soya OEMFF® and Sunflower OEMFF® and other fertiliser for oilseeds, beckons farmers and agriculturalists to elevate their practices and embrace a new standard of excellence.

Our commitment to empowering farmers goes beyond merely providing fertilisers; it is rooted in the belief that success sprouts from a holistic approach to crop nutrition.

    Entrust your Oilseed crops to the expertise of Kynoch Fertilizer

    Picture a landscape where seeds germinate with vigour, roots delve deep into nutrient-rich soil, and plants stand resilient against the challenges of stress and environmental fluctuations. This is the future that Kynoch Fertilizer envisions for your oilseed fields—a future where each stage of growth is optimised, and the promise of a bountiful harvest becomes a reality.

    As you navigate the complexities of oilseed cultivation, entrust your crops to the expertise of Kynoch Fertilizer. Our crop-type and growth stage specific fertilisers, backed by years of research and development, are designed to meet the nuanced needs of oilseed crops at every juncture of their journey. From enhancing seed germination to fortifying plants during fruiting, our biostimulants create a symphony of growth that echoes through each leaf, stem, and root.

    In the world of oilseed cultivation, the path to prosperity is illuminated by the golden glow of KynoFulvate Yellow® and the resilience of KynoKelp®. Step into a future where your fields flourish, and your harvests become a testament to the possibilities unlocked by partnering with Kynoch Fertilizer. Embrace excellence, sow success, and reap the rewards that come with choosing the best—choose Kynoch Fertilizer for a harvest beyond imagination.

    Ultra Range

    Ultra Starter® is a dry, premium granular fertilizer formulated with high quality raw materials. The granules are coated with a highly concentrated micro-element formulation. The micro-element coating provides plant-available zinc, iron, manganese, copper and boron. Ultra Starter contains additional sulfur and magnesium, as well as a specialized potassium source that has a lower salt index.

    Crops require all of the essential elements for optimal growth, development, and production. Micro-elements are an important component of these essential elements. The Ultra Range is an efficient way to follow a balanced nutritional approach.

    There are a number of conditions that can result in micro-element deficiencies. The Ultra Range contributes by providing additional required nutrition. Fertilizer typically causes an acidified zone in the band. Micro-elements in this acidified zone remain available for a longer period for plant uptake, especially in higher pH soils.

    Crops require all of the essential elements for optimal growth, development, and production. Micro-elements are an important component of these essential elements. The Ultra Range is an efficient way to follow a balanced nutritional approach.

    Fertiliser for Oilseeds

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