Fertilizer for Sugar Cane – Sugar Cane OEMFF by Kynoch Fertilizer

If you are in need of a fertilizer for your sugar cane crops, then Kynoch Fertilizer has the right products for you. Kynoch is a leading supplier of fertilizer products in South Africa, offering a range of fertilizers designed for the specific needs of specific crop types, including that of your sugar cane crops. Kynoch’s fertilizer for sugar cane has been specially developed to meet the nutrient needs of your sugar cane crops, meaning that Kynoch’s innovative and tailored products are aimed at supplying your sugar can crops with the nutrients it needs at the growth stage it needs it the most.

Let Kynoch help you the get the most out of your sugar cane crops by promoting yield potential and improving the quality of your crops. Contact the leading fertilizer suppliers today.

Nutrient requirements of sugar cane

Nutrient deficiencies in sugar cane plants lead to visual symptoms of malnutrition, negatively affecting your sugar cane crops. As sugar cane is quite the heavy-feeder, a number of nutrients are required for optimal growth and yield from your crops. There are a number of different causes of nutrient deficiencies, such as low soil reserves, low or high organic matter content, high rainfall, a lack of mineralisation and many more. Important nutrients required by sugarcane plants through a specially formulated fertilizer for optimal growth include:

  • Nitrogen: Nitrogen nutrients are especially required during the early tillering and growth stages of your sugar cane crops. The Nitrogen fertilizer should thus be applied in the tillering phase for optimal results. Nitrogen plays an essential role in cane formation and helps to promote cane growth.
  • Phosphorous: Formative growth phase requires Phosphorous nutrients, and should be applied during initial stages of crop growth.
  • Potassium: Nitrogen is better absorbed by the sugar can plant in the presence of Potassium, which is why Potassium is usually applied along with Nitrogen in the early tillering phase, as well as in later growth stages to assist sugar recovery.

Sugar cane fertilizers from Kynoch:

  • KynoPlus™ or its derivatives and specific KynoPlus™ blends,
  • KynoPop™,
  • Sugar Cane OEMFF®, and
  • GreenGold®.

Get the best fertilizer for your crops from Kynoch

Kynoch is a leading producer of fertilizer products in South Africa, and have developed a range of fertilizers to meet the needs of all major crop types in South Africa. Get the most from your specific crop with the help of Kynoch Fertilizer on your farm. For more information about our sugar cane fertilizer, or to place an order for your fertilizer products, contact the leading fertilizer supplier in South Africa today. Discuss your crop and fertilizer needs with one of our regional managers, sales team or agriculturalists for assistance.

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