Fertilizer for Sunflower

Sunflower Oemff

With Kynoch’s innovative and tailor-made products you can apply fertilizer according to the needs and growth stages of your different crops. In this way, Kynoch ensures that your crops are given what they need, when they need it most.  Furthermore, you have peace of mind, because you know with Kynoch on your farm from the outset, you get the most out of your crop and can be assured of improved efficiency in crop quality and yield potential.

Kynoch has developed a complete range of products (nutrition) to cater for the crop-specific and growth-stage specific needs of your crops. We have a range of products that will specifically enhance the quality and performance of your sunflower crop, including:

  • KynoPlusTM or its derivatives and specific KynoPlusTM blends,
  • KynoPopTM,
  • Sunflower OEMFF®, and


Sunflowers are an oil rich broad leafed crop, and is more sensitive to specific micro-nutrient deficiencies than other crops.  Our  Sunflower OEMFF® is a foliar fertilizer that is specifically formulated for sunflowers and the necessary micro-elements are chelated.  Some deficiencies can be seen from a young age. whilst others, although present, only manifest themselves at a later stage, when it is too late to do anything about it.  Sunflower OEMFF® should ideally be applied early in the season and enhances the efficiency of the sunflower plant through, amongst others, improved root development and improved chlorophyll production for photosynthesis..

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Sunflower OEMFF® contains macro-elements, secondary-elements and micro-elements in a specific ratio which is beneficial to sunflowers and can be used as a general application if needed.  It is  extremely useful if the sunflower plant was exposed to stresses like water logged conditions/drought and heat, cold or chemical stress.

Speak to one of our regional managers, sales team or agriculturalists to find out more regarding the specific products that will address your specific needs.