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Enhancing Agricultural Growth: Kynoch Fertilizer – Your Premier Biostimulants Supplier in South Africa

Welcome to Kynoch Fertilizer, your trusted partner in agricultural innovation. As a leading Biostimulants supplier in South Africa, we take pride in offering cutting-edge products that elevate farming practices and contribute to sustainable, high-yield agriculture. In this article, we will explore the benefits of three of our flagship products: KynoHumate – Black™, KynoFulvate – Yellow™, and KynoKelp™. Read more below about how biostimulants will benefit your crops and yield, and get the best solution for your crops from the trusted biostimulants supplier in South Africa – Kynoch.

Our Products

KynoHumate – Black

KynoHumate is used as a soil amendment and stimulates root development and growth. KynoHumate contains humic acids that have many benefits for the soil environment and plant metabolism. It forms an important part of soil biology and serves as a source of energy for microorganisms. One of the major benefits is the retention of nutrients against leaching and the increase in nutrient availability. Humates help the plants tolerate salinity stress.

KynoHumate Black

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KynoFulvate – Yellow

KynoFulvate stimulates plant growth and promotes nutrient uptake. It can be used applied either as a foliar or directly to the soil application and can be combined with other fertilizer products. KynoFulvate contains fulvic acids. Fulvates can be absorbed by plants and seeds and have a direct effect on many plant processes. Among other things they improve seed germination, increasing the energy levels and increase membrane permeability. Complexes are formed with nutrients within the soil that mobilize these nutrients. While within the plant the nutrient movement (membrane permeability) is increased. Both promote nutrient uptake.

KynoFulvate Yellow

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KynoKelp is seaweed suspension containing natural macro and micro elements that can be used as a foliar application or root application. It is derived from the kelp species Ecklonia maxima, which grows along the Atlantic coast of Southern Africa. Kynokelp encourages the growth of plant roots. The improved root growth increases nutrient absorption and water use. Higher yields are produced by established, stronger plants. The plants experience extreme stress while producing fruit, which Kynokelp can help manage. Kynokelp aids plants in managing additional stress factors that could restrict growth.


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What is a Biostimulant?

In the realm of modern agriculture, a Biostimulant is a dynamic and innovative category of substances designed to enhance plant growth, development, and overall crop productivity. Unlike traditional fertilizers that primarily provide essential nutrients to plants, Biostimulants contain various natural compounds, such as humic acids, fulvic acids, and seaweed extracts. These substances work in harmony with the plant’s natural processes, promoting nutrient absorption, root development, and stress tolerance. Essentially, Biostimulants act as bioactivators, stimulating physiological and metabolic activities in plants to optimise their performance. Kynoch Fertilizer is a leading Biostimulants supplier in South Africa, providing a range of biostimulants, including KynoHumate – Black™, KynoFulvate – Yellow™, and KynoKelp™. Exemplifying this innovative approach, Kynoch offers farmers powerful tools to foster sustainable agriculture and resilient crop systems.

Embracing biostimulants is a forward-looking strategy that aligns with the evolving landscape of agricultural practices, emphasising efficiency, environmental stewardship, and long-term viability.

Biostimulants supplier in South Africa

1. KynoHumate – Black™: Nourishing the Soil for Optimal Growth

KynoHumate™ stands as a testament to our commitment to soil health and plant development as a biostimulants supplier in South Africa. This remarkable product serves as a potent soil amendment, specifically formulated to stimulate robust root development and overall plant growth. At its core, KynoHumate™ contains humic acids, a natural organic compound with multifaceted benefits for both the soil environment and plant metabolism.

Humic acids play a pivotal role in nurturing soil biology, acting as a vital energy source for microorganisms. These microorganisms, in turn, contribute to enhanced soil fertility. One of the key advantages of KynoHumate™ is its ability to retain nutrients, preventing leaching and ensuring increased nutrient availability for plants. This not only promotes healthier plant growth but also helps plants withstand salinity stress, a common challenge in agricultural settings.

By incorporating KynoHumate™ into your farming practices, you are investing in a product that fosters sustainable agriculture, enriching the soil for future generations. Get the best products from your biostimulants supplier in South Africa – Kynoch.

2. KynoFulvate – Yellow™: Empowering Plant Growth and Nutrient Uptake

KynoFulvate™, another jewel in our biostimulants lineup, is designed to stimulate plant growth and enhance nutrient uptake. This versatile product can be applied either as a foliar spray or directly to the soil, offering flexibility in application methods. Furthermore, it can be seamlessly integrated with other fertilizer products, providing a comprehensive solution for your agricultural needs.

At the heart of KynoFulvate™ lies fulvic acids, which play a crucial role in various plant processes. These acids have a direct impact on seed germination, boosting energy levels, and increasing membrane permeability. The formation of complexes with nutrients in the soil mobilises them, making them more accessible to plants. Within the plant, membrane permeability is enhanced, facilitating the movement of nutrients and promoting overall nutrient uptake.

By choosing KynoFulvate™, you are investing in a Biostimulant that not only accelerates plant growth but also maximises the efficiency of nutrient utilisation, contributing to healthier and more productive crops. Contact Kynoch, your biostimulants supplier in South Africa, today.

3. KynoKelp™: Harnessing the Power of Seaweed for Plant Vitality

Derived from the kelp species Ecklonia maxima, which thrives along the Atlantic coast of Southern Africa, KynoKelp™ is a seaweed suspension that offers a wealth of natural macro and micro elements. This Biostimulant can be applied as a foliar spray or directly to the roots, providing a versatile solution to meet the diverse needs of different crops.

KynoKelp™ plays a pivotal role in encouraging robust root growth, a fundamental aspect of plant development. The improved root system enhances nutrient absorption and water use efficiency, resulting in stronger and more resilient plants. This, in turn, translates to higher yields and better overall crop quality.

In addition to promoting root development, KynoKelp™ proves invaluable during periods of plant stress, especially when fruits are being produced. The biostimulant assists in managing stress factors, ensuring that the plants can continue their growth trajectory despite adverse conditions.

Enhanced Efficiency through Innovation

Kynoch’s vision is to be an innovative plant nutrition supplier that complements our clients’ businesses through Yield Enhancing Technologies® and innovation that enhances fertilizer performance.  This, as well as a comprehensive range of agronomic services, plant nutrient scheduling® aligned with plant development and growth enhancers, allows us and our clients to manage the growth of their crops optimally.

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Biostimulants supplier in South Africa

Biostimulants supplier in South Africa

N-hanced-N®   Biostimulants supplier in South Africa

Kynoch is the exclusive distributor of the globally proven Agrotain® nitrogen stabiliser supplied by Koch Industries. This Agrotain® technology was the first of many technologies that we adopted to ensure efficiency on the farm. It allowed us to build a new category of N-hanced-N® products which are known as the KynoPlus® range.

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Kynoch – Your Trusted Biostimulants supplier in South Africa

At Kynoch Fertilizer, we are not just a biostimulants supplier in South Africa; we are your partner in agricultural success. The trio of KynoHumate – Black™, KynoFulvate – Yellow™, and KynoKelp™ represents our dedication to providing innovative solutions for farmers in South Africa and beyond. By incorporating these products into your agricultural practices, you are not only investing in higher yields but also contributing to a more sustainable and resilient agricultural future. Make Kynoch Fertilizer your biostimulants supplier in South Africa and witness the transformative power of our biostimulants in cultivating a greener, healthier, and more prosperous tomorrow.

    Advantages of Using Biostimulants in Agriculture

    Biostimulants have become indispensable tools in modern agriculture, offering a range of benefits that contribute to sustainable and high-yield crop production. Here are key advantages of partnering with biostimulants suppliers in South Africa like Kynoch Fertilizer, and incorporating these products into your agricultural practices:

    1. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake:

    • Biostimulants, such as KynoFulvate – Yellow™, facilitate improved nutrient absorption by plants, ensuring optimal utilization of essential elements.

    2. Stimulated Root Development:

    • Products like KynoHumate – Black™ actively promote robust root growth, enhancing the plant’s ability to extract nutrients and water from the soil.

    3. Increased Crop Resilience:

    • Biostimulants contribute to the development of stronger, more resilient plants, enabling them to withstand environmental stresses such as drought and salinity.

    4. Improved Soil Fertility:

    • KynoHumate™ enriches the soil with humic acids, fostering a healthier soil environment and supporting the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

    5. Boosted Seed Germination:

    • Fulvic acids in products like KynoFulvate™ play a crucial role in improving seed germination, ensuring a strong start for your crops.

    6. Efficient Use of Water:

    • Biostimulants, such as KynoKelp™, enhance water use efficiency by promoting root development, reducing the overall water requirements for crop cultivation.

    7. Optimised Nutrient Availability:

    • KynoHumate™ aids in retaining nutrients in the soil, preventing leaching and making essential elements more available to plants over an extended period.

    8. Versatile Application Methods:

    • Biostimulants offer flexibility in application, allowing farmers to choose between foliar sprays and direct soil application based on their specific crop and environmental conditions.

    9. Synergistic Effects with Other Fertilizers:

    • KynoFulvate™ can be seamlessly integrated with other fertilizer products, creating synergies that result in a comprehensive and effective nutrient management strategy.

    10. Increased Membrane Permeability:

    • Fulvic acids in KynoFulvate™ contribute to increased membrane permeability within plants, facilitating the movement of nutrients and promoting overall nutrient uptake.

    11. Promotion of Plant Metabolism:

    • Humic acids present in KynoHumate™ stimulate plant metabolism, enhancing energy levels and supporting various biochemical processes crucial for growth.

    12. Management of Plant Stress:

    • KynoKelp™ proves invaluable in managing stress factors during critical growth stages, ensuring that plants continue to thrive even under challenging conditions.

    Incorporating biostimulants into your agricultural practices not only enhances crop productivity but also aligns with sustainable farming principles, promoting soil health and resilience in the face of changing environmental conditions. Choose Kynoch Fertilizer as your biostimulants supplier in South Africa for a holistic approach to crop nutrition and cultivation.