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Nurturing Nut Trees: Kynoch Fertilizer’s Tailored Solutions for Bountiful Harvests – Cultivate success with Fertiliser for Nut Trees that will support yield growth potential and quality. Get the best solution for your crop type from the trusted fertiliser supplier in South Africa.

In the heart of South Africa’s vibrant agricultural landscape, Kynoch Fertilizer stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise, dedicated to empowering farmers with the tools they need to cultivate thriving orchards. As a pioneering force in the fertiliser industry, we understand the critical role nutrition plays in the growth and yield of nut trees. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our range of crop-type and growth stage specific fertilisers, designed to elevate agricultural practices and maximise yields. Get the best fertiliser for nut trees from Kynoch.

Growth Stage Specific Fertiliser for Nut Trees

Nut trees, with their intricate growth cycles and unique nutritional demands, require specialised care to reach their full potential. At Kynoch Fertilizer, we recognise the significance of providing tailored solutions that address the specific needs of nut trees, ensuring robust health, increased resilience, and ultimately, a bountiful harvest.

Read more about the world of nut tree cultivation, exploring the diverse range of fertiliser for nut trees offered by Kynoch Fertilizer. These meticulously crafted products are designed to support various nut tree species at different stages of growth, providing a holistic approach to nutrition management. Join us on a journey through the art and science of fertilisation as we unveil the key fertilisers for nut trees from Kynoch Fertilizer that cater to the nuanced requirements of this crop, setting the stage for success in orchards across South Africa.

Nut Tree OEMFF ®

Introducing Kynoch Tree Nut OEMFF Fruit, a groundbreaking foliar spray tailored for the accelerated development of nuts in pecan, macadamia, and hazelnut trees. This specialised formula is meticulously designed to meet the high demand for carbohydrates during the rapid growth stages crucial to nut development. As a foliar application, Tree Nut OEMFF Fruit focuses on key physiological elements, ensuring optimal nutrient mobilisation during this critical phase.

This fertiliser for nut trees offers flexibility in application, allowing for both maintenance and corrective measures through variable rates. For optimal results, the application is recommended early in the morning or late in the afternoon, steering clear of periods when trees are under heat or moisture stress. Kynoch Tree Nut OEMFF Fruit exemplifies Kynoch Fertilizer’s commitment to precision agriculture, providing nut tree growers with a targeted solution to enhance productivity during the vital stages of nut development.

Fertiliser for Nut Trees

Biostimulants for your Nut Trees

Enter Kynoch Fertilizer’s arsenal of biostimulants, meticulously crafted to elevate nut tree cultivation through targeted and innovative solutions.

Fertiliser for Nut Trees

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Fertiliser for Nut Trees

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Fertiliser for Nut Trees

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  1. KynoHumate – Black® emerges as a soil amendment powerhouse, stimulating robust root development and growth. Infused with humic acids, this biostimulant becomes an integral component of the soil environment, providing a vital energy source for microorganisms. Notably, KynoHumate® plays a pivotal role in nutrient retention, countering leaching, and enhancing nutrient availability. Its unique ability to bolster plant tolerance to salinity stress further underscores its significance in nut tree care.


  1. Another star in the lineup is KynoFulvate – Yellow®, a versatile biostimulant that sparks plant growth and facilitates nutrient uptake. Whether applied foliarly or directly to the soil, KynoFulvate®, enriched with fulvic acids, directly influences critical plant processes. From enhancing seed germination and increasing energy levels to promoting membrane permeability, this biostimulant forms complexes with soil nutrients, mobilising them for improved nutrient movement within the plant. KynoFulvate® stands as a dynamic companion for other fertiliser products, emphasising its adaptability and comprehensive plant support.


  1. Completing the trio is KynoKelp®, a seaweed suspension derived from the Atlantic coast’s Ecklonia maxima. This biostimulant is a natural repository of macro and micro elements, ready for application either foliarly or at the root level. KynoKelp® not only fosters plant root growth but also enhances nutrient absorption and water utilisation. Sourced from the resilient kelp species along Southern Africa’s coast, it proves invaluable in managing stress during fruit production, ensuring stronger, established plants with heightened resilience. KynoKelp® becomes a vital ally in mitigating various stress factors that could otherwise impede optimal growth in nut trees.

Ultra Range

Ultra Starter® is a dry, premium granular fertilizer formulated with high quality raw materials. The granules are coated with a highly concentrated micro-element formulation. The micro-element coating provides plant-available zinc, iron, manganese, copper and boron. Ultra Starter contains additional sulfur and magnesium, as well as a specialized potassium source that has a lower salt index.

Crops require all of the essential elements for optimal growth, development, and production. Micro-elements are an important component of these essential elements. The Ultra Range is an efficient way to follow a balanced nutritional approach.

There are a number of conditions that can result in micro-element deficiencies. The Ultra Range contributes by providing additional required nutrition. Fertilizer typically causes an acidified zone in the band. Micro-elements in this acidified zone remain available for a longer period for plant uptake, especially in higher pH soils.

Crops require all of the essential elements for optimal growth, development, and production. Micro-elements are an important component of these essential elements. The Ultra Range is an efficient way to follow a balanced nutritional approach.

Ultra Starter

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KynoMac® for Nut Trees

KynoMac®, a pinnacle of nutrient innovation by Kynoch Fertilizer, stands out as a cornerstone in nurturing nut trees with precision and efficacy. Uniquely potassium sulfate-based, KynoMac® sets itself apart with the MacMagic and Prelude variants, combining potassium sulfate and KCL for a comprehensive nutrient profile. At the heart of this formidable fertiliser is KynoPlus®, a premium nitrogen source ensuring unparalleled crop development and reinforcing its status as the perfect top dress mixture.

Tailored to macadamias, the KynoMac® range boasts different NPK ratios at crucial growth stages, optimising nutrition for these distinctive trees. Notably, KynoMac® products prioritise low-chlorine blends, utilising potassium sulfate as the exclusive potassium source, resulting in lower salt indices compared to KCL blends. This not only enhances nutrient absorption but also minimises environmental impact.

Incorporating standard secondary and micronutrient additions, KynoMac® guarantees that nut trees receive essential elements vital for their health and productivity. KynoPlus, with its advanced nitrogen-use efficiency, elevates the potential for increased yields and profitability. Moreover, the inclusion of silicon in the formulation enhances plant physiology, contributing to stress management, improved water usage efficiency, and heightened resistance to pests and diseases. KynoMac® epitomises a holistic approach to nut tree fertilisation, embodying Kynoch Fertilizer’s commitment to innovation and sustainable agricultural practices.

    Hydroponic Feed Fertilisers

    Navigating the distinct needs of hydroponic systems, Kynoch Fertilizer introduces KynoPonix™ Alpha and Beta, a duo of specialised hydroponic feed fertilisers designed to address the unique requirements of crops cultivated in artificial media. This innovative solution provides a completely balanced nutrient profile, ensuring optimal plant nutrition in hydroponic environments.

    The versatility of KynoPonix™ Alpha and Beta lies in their ability to be applied in different ratios, allowing growers to adjust the N:K ratio based on the specific growth stage—whether promoting vegetative or reproductive growth.

    Simplicity takes centre stage with these two products, streamlining the application process for hydroponic enthusiasts. KynoPonix™ Alpha and Beta are finely crafted, highly soluble fertilisers tailored for various irrigation water qualities, making them adaptable to a range of hydroponic setups. As Kynoch Fertilizer continues to pioneer precision agriculture, these hydroponic solutions exemplify the company’s commitment to providing tailored fertilisation options for diverse cultivation methods, ensuring optimal growth and yield in hydroponically grown crops.

    KynoPonix Alpha

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    KynoPonix Beta

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