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At Kynoch, we understand the need to keep developing / intensifying forward.


 The Kynoch brand is more than 150 years old.  It has been in South Africa as long as gold and diamonds, since 1888. Kynoch has been a ground breaker in the fertilizer industry since 1919 and has proven it can stand the test of time.

Kynoch originally opened its doors in Birmingham in the 1850’s where it manufactured explosives used in ammunition.  In the early 1900s, Arthur Chamberlain was chairman of Kynoch and as such examined the possibility of selling explosives to the Transvaal mines.  He found that explosives were being made at Modderfontein and Somerset West, and that exporting explosives from Ireland would have priced Kynoch out of the market.

In 1908 the first few Irishmen left Arklow for Umbogintwini and set about clearing the bush to erect the first part of a new factory.  By the end of 1908, the Umbogintwini plant was in full production.  Expansions and growth characterized the Umbogintwini factory until just after 1918, when at the end of World War 1 there was an oversupply of explosives throughout the world.  Kynoch then built the first fertilizer plant in South Africa at Umbogintwini.  The British founding father of the company, George Kynoch, died in South Africa whilst negotiating with the old Transvaal mining Houses.

Whilst the British wing of George Kynoch & Co. ended after World War 1, the South African company Kynoch Fertilizer grew from strength to strength to the brand that South African farmers countrywide remembers to this very day.  For a period in the 1970’s during ownership by AECI and between 2005 and 2009 during ownership by Yara, the Kynoch brand was removed from the market, until reinstated in 2010.  However, during these periods, the values and ethos of the Kynoch brand lived on through its staff and customers..

Kynoch Today

During 2014 Kynoch became a member of Export Trading Group (ETG), a multinational company, operating in Africa for more than 30 years.  ETG is an agro-commodity trader with a presence in eastern and southern Africa, the United Arab Emirates, India, USA, Singapore and the United Kingdom through various subsidiaries.  The group is a consortium of three major investors including Carlyle Group, Pembani Remgro and Standard Chartered Bank Plc.  During 2012 almost 1.4million tonnes of 25 different commodities – including maize, pulses, wheat, rice, sugar, oilseeds, edible nuts, coffee, tea, fertilizer and farm implements – moved along the ETG supply chain between 30 countries.

At Kynoch it remains "business-as-usual". Kynoch Fertilizer is a leading importer, blender and retailer of a complete range of granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers (Optimizers™) in Southern Africa (including South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and the DRC), whilst our farmers are serviced by a large sales and agronomic technical support team.

Kynoch operates warehouses as well as import and blending facilities in all the major ports in the Southern Africa Region and a number of inland locations. Kynoch is the exclusive distributor of globally proven Agrotain® nitrogen stabilisers supplied by Koch Industries and have also developed their own range of enhanced efficiency fertilizers products which includes its own foliar range (OEMFF®) that is both crop- and growth stage specific.  To complete the full range of plant nutrition requirements, other fertilizer raw materials, products and enhancers are sourced locally and internationally.  As a result your long-standing innovative plant nutrition partner now brings you Enhanced Efficiency through Innovation.


Our vision is to be an innovative plant nutrition supplier that complements our clients’ businesses through Yield Enhancing TechnologiesTM and innovation.  This, as well as a comprehensive range of agronomic services, plant nutritent schedulingTM aligned with plant development and growth enhancers allows us and our clients to manage the development of their crops optimally.

 As far as we are concerned there are no silver bullets, but long term success results from the sum total of all we do.  The Kynoch-team is excited about the future and is looking forward to service our customers and to make a difference on the farm.