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Fertilizer for root crops – Root crops like potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, radishes and turnips to name a few, require good soil with a sufficient amount of nutrients for optimal growth. Applying the right amount of Nitrogen, in combination with other macro-, secondary- and micro-nutrients is vital for root development, which is a requirement to help ensure good fruits / bulbs and optimal yield potential.

Kynoch is a trusted fertilizer supplier in South Africa, that have developed a wide range of crop specific and growth stage specific fertilizers. Kynoch will help you to get the best fertilizer products for your root crops, that will help to improve crop quality and promote yield potential. Get the most from your root crops with a specialised fertilizer solution from Kynoch. Contact us today to discuss Kynoch’s fertilizer for root crops and your specific needs with a professional consultant or agriculturalist.

Our Products

The total collection of products available ensures that our clients can match the nutritional needs of their crops at every growth stage, but also adapt either their overall fertilizer programs or their practices.

Veggie OEMFF® by Kynoch

Veggie OEMFF® is part of the Foliar Fertilizer product range from Kynoch. It is specially formulated to meet the crop-specific and growth stage-specific nutrient needs of your vegetables, to boost your crop to reveal only their best at each growth stage.

Three Veggie OEMFF® products where developed to support and enhance the three phonological stages of vegetable crops. Veggie OEMFF® Starter is effective early in the season, where root development and the establishment of the young plant are of utmost importance. Veggie OEMFF® Grow enhances growth because of its specific element composition; Veggie OEMFF® Fruit plays an important role in flowering and cell enlargement of fruits and bulbs.

Veggie OEMFF® from Kynoch is extremely useful in cases where crops have been exposed to stresses like drought, water logged conditions, heat, cold or chemical stresses. The specific ratio of macro-, secondary- and micro-nutrients is beneficial to vegetables. These products can be used as a general application as well.

Read more about Veggie OEMFF® by Kynoch, which will help to get the best from your root crops.


Enhanced Efficiency Through Innovation

Kynoch’s vision is to be an innovative plant nutrition supplier that complements our clients’ businesses through Yield Enhancing TechnologiesTM and innovation that enhance fertilizer performance. This, as well as a comprehensive range of agronomic services, plant nutrient schedulingTM aligned with plant development and growth enhancers allows us and our clients to manage the development of their crops optimally.

Researchers work constantly to develop technologies that improve fertilizer performance and efficiency. Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers are fertilizer products that can reduce nutrient losses to the environment while increasing nutrient availability for the crop. These fertilizers can either slow down the release of nutrients for uptake or alter the conversion of nutrients to other forms that may be less prone to losses.

To complete the full range of plant nutrition requirements, other fertilizer materials and enhancers are sourced locally and internationally. As a result, your long-standing innovative plant nutrition partner now brings you Enhanced
Efficiency through Innovation.

Our product offering is continuously being updated so as to ensure we bring you the latest proven technology and enhancers in improving the quality and efficiency of our products and also your crop as you are able to nurture growth at every stage.



Kynoch is the exclusive distributor of globally proven Agrotain® nitrogen stabilisers supplied by Koch Industries. This Agrotain® technology was the first of many technologies that we bought in, so as to ensure efficiency on the farm. It allowed us to build a new category of N-hanced-NTM products.

KynoPlus® was specifically designed to mitigate the potential volatilisation losses typically associated with urea. This product is beneficial to all farmers but especially beneficial to no-till farmers with a lot of crop residue on the surface. The higher efficiency of KynoPlus® can also reduce transport cost and handling on the farm.

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