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Get the Best Fertilizer for your Fruit Trees from Kynoch Fertilizer 

Fruit trees require sufficient amount and the right nutrients in order to bear fruit optimally. To get the most from your fruit trees, liaise with a consultant at Kynoch Fertilizer about the best fertilizer for your specific fruit trees. Getting your fruit trees off to the right start will help promote plant growth and fruit quality, so that you can reap the benefits of your fruit tree plantation.

Kynoch  is a leading producer of crop specific fertilizer products, meaning that you will get the best fertilizer for your specific crop type. Furthermore, Kynoch’s range of fertilizers are also developed to meet the needs at specific growth stages, ensuring that your fruit trees will get the nutrients they need, at the growth stage they need it. Contact Kynoch Fertilizer today for more information about our range of fertilizer products, and to get the best fertilizer for fruit trees.

Our Products

The total collection of products available ensures that our clients can match the nutritional needs of their crops at every growth stage, but also adapt either their overall fertilizer programs or their practices.

Determine the nutrient supplement requirements of your soil and fruit trees

The best way to determine the nutrient deficiencies in your soil, would be to conduct a soil analysis. Talk to an experienced agriculturalist at Kynoch about how to take the correct soil sample, and to seek assistance from our team regarding your soil analysis. Soil tests effectively reveal any deficiencies or surplus of nutrients in the soil, which will then help to determine the nutrient requirements.

Enhanced Efficiency through Innovation

Kynoch’s vision is to be an innovative plant nutrition supplier that complements our clients’ businesses through Yield Enhancing Technologies® and innovation that enhances fertilizer performance.  This, as well as a comprehensive range of agronomic services, plant nutrient scheduling® aligned with plant development and growth enhancers, allows us and our clients to manage the growth of their crops optimally.

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Kynoch is the exclusive distributor of the globally proven Agrotain® nitrogen stabiliser supplied by Koch Industries. This Agrotain® technology was the first of many technologies that we adopted to ensure efficiency on the farm. It allowed us to build a new category of N-hanced-N® products which are known as the KynoPlus® range.

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GreenGold® fertilizer for your fruit trees by Kynoch

Kynoch has developed a leading fertilizer product, namely GreenGold®,  which is perfect for your fruit trees, and contains all the essential nutrients to ensure optimal tree growth and quality produce. GreenGold® is an all-in-one fertilizer mix that contains nitrogen (N), calcium (Ca) and Boron (B), aimed to enhance plant growth, fruit formation and quality. For more information about our GreenGold® fertilizer, or to ask any questions related to your fruit tree or crop’s fertilizer needs, talk to a consultant or agriculturalist at Kynoch today. We will help you to get the most from your fruit trees by providing you with a specialised and effective fertilizer product.

    Contact Kynoch today to get the best Fertilizer for Fruit Trees

    Kynoch is a leading fertilizer producer and supplier in South Africa, that has helped many farmers to achieve better quality crops and improved yield, by supplying them with an effective range of crop-specific fertilizer products and advice. Rely on the trusted fertilizer supplier for assistance on your farm today – talk to a consultant or agriculturalist at Kynoch today about our fertilizer for fruit trees.