Kynoch helps tomato farmer increase the quality and after-market shelf-life of tomatoes within one year.

Tomato success story Kynoch Agriculturalist: Jason Sparrow Kynoch Agent: Michael du Waal Area: Southern Namibia   The Kynoch Northern Cape team started getting involved with one […]

Liquid vs. Dry Fertilizer

Liquid vs. Dry Fertilizer: Which One Is Best? One of the principal objectives in agriculture is to find effective, sustainable ways to increase crop productivity. The […]

Enhanced Nitrogen Stabiliser

Kynoch’s Enhanced Nitrogen Stabiliser Products Support Optimal Plant Growth Ensuring the optimal growth and productivity of crops is a top priority for every farmer. The productivity […]

High-Performance Granular Fertilizer Products

Boost Crop Productivity With These High-Performance Granular Fertilizer Products In agriculture, yield management is an essential part in ensuring success. The bigger the yield and the […]

A leading supplier of fertilizer

A leading supplier of fertilizer. Kynoch Fertilizer is a leading supplier of a complete range of top quality granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers and technologies to […]

Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid Fertilizer: The Solution You’ve Been Looking For To those who are not in agriculture, farming might seem like a simple life – a vocation that […]

Growth Fertilizer Range

A Range of Effective Growth Fertilizer Solutions to Meet Any Need Agriculture is one of the most important activities in modern human society. Without the advances […]

Cost-Effective Fertilizer Programs

Fertilizer Programs: The Cost-Effective Way to Maintain Your Soil Quality Those who are not involved in agriculture might never give a second thought to soil quality, […]

Mixing Fertilizer Solutions with Ease

Mixing Fertilizer Solutions with Ease Megan Lourens   Many intensive agricultural systems rely on water-soluble fertilizers that are added to the irrigation water and then fed […]

Quality Farming Fertilizer

Supporting Farming through the Supply of Quality Fertilizer The role of fertilizer in the farming industry can simply not be stressed enough. Whether it is commercial […]

5 Benefits of Using Liquid Fertilizer

5 Exceptional Benefits of Using Liquid Fertilizer for Your Crops Fertilizers play a major role in the productivity of farming, and therefore, meeting the consumption requirements […]

Plant Nutrition Products

Finding Plant Nutrition Products that Truly Make a Difference to Your Yield Almost every single farmer that is worth their salt will agree that there is […]

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