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Why and Where to Buy Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

Nitrogen and the metallic element calcium are nutrients essential for certain aspects of plant physiology. In their natural state, nitrogen is a gas, and the metallic element is a highly reactive substance that reacts violently with water. However, in a controlled chemical reaction, the two can combine to form a stable, soluble salt that can help to promote healthy plant growth. If you plan to grow peppers, tomatoes, okra, aubergines or apples, it will pay you to find out where to buy calcium nitrate fertilizer.

All plants require nitrogen and will wither and die without it. It is an essential component of chlorophyll, the green pigment that catalyses sugar production from carbon dioxide and water during photosynthesis. Nitrogen is also crucial for synthesising amino acids, the basic building blocks of proteins. The reactive metal is also essential to all lifeforms, including plants, albeit for different but equally important reasons. Both elements occur naturally in the soil but are often in a form that plants cannot utilise. Hence, gardeners and farmers need to know where to buy calcium nitrate fertilizer to ensure their crops remain healthy.

In addition to this element’s structural role in maintaining the plant cell wall and membrane integrity, it also assists ammonium, potassium and phosphorus absorption, stimulates photosynthesis and is an essential contributor to disease control. Blossom end rot (BER) is a condition that affects several cash crops, including tomatoes. BER presents as mushy brown spots on the bottom of the fruit, and the best a grower can hope for is that, given time, it will clear up naturally with minimal losses. However, if you know where to buy calcium nitrate fertilizer, you can prevent the disease from developing by applying the compound as a side or top dressing early in the season. Water it well to ensure it reaches the root system.

Water-Solubale-BlendsIn practice, when attempting to treat or prevent BER, it will be more effective to apply the product as a foliar spray. This is also an excellent way to ward off or treat “cork spot” and “bitter pit” in apples. It might also be helpful to dig some limestone into the surrounding soil. Ammonium nitrate is a nitrogen source but can obstruct calcium uptake. Knowing where to buy calcium nitrate fertilizer will ensure your crop receives both essential nutrients.

Kynoch is a name known to farmers and gardeners worldwide as a leader in plant nutrition and a company that has been uplifting farming communities for more than a century through its innovative and effective products. In South Africa, where else would one go to buy calcium nitrate fertilizer?

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