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Our continent is home to the first humans. It is old and vast areas of its land have eroded to form deserts or are semi-arid, at best. Over millennia, most of the goodness has been lost from its once rich soil. Nevertheless, one nation in its southernmost tip has become a net exporter of maize, citrus and tropical fruits, macadamias, avocados and award-winning wines, such as the unique Pinotage. That nation is South Africa, and bulk liquid fertilizer suppliers have played a crucial role in developing its agricultural industry.

The benefits of natural compost and manure are undeniable, particularly for those farmers who now supply fresh produce to the growing market in organically grown fruit and vegetables. However, while they help condition the soil, their nutrient content is variable and uncertain. Consequently, there is no way to determine how much of these natural materials may be sufficient or too much. By contrast, purchasing manufactured organic products from bulk liquid fertilizer suppliers avoids the need for growers in South Africa to base plant nutrition on guesswork.

That said, there are also granular products whose precise composition is reliable. Nevertheless, it is virtually impossible to apply these as evenly as a liquid product, so there is no way for the user to ensure that every plant receives its required share of essential nutrients. Also, when using a granular product, it may require additional time for watering if it’s necessary for root systems to access its contents as quickly as possible. By contrast, purchasing the products of bulk liquid fertilizer suppliers can save time and reduce labour and water costs for farmers in South Africa.

liquid fertilizerIn practice, up to forty per cent of the nitrogen in a granular fertilizer can be lost to the atmosphere. By contrast, equivalent losses in liquid products are around seventy-five per cent less. Also, because the latter can be distributed via an irrigation system, there is no need to employ heavy equipment and incur fuel costs, adding to the threat of global warming from harmful emissions.

As the world population approaches a staggering 8 billion, the danger of food shortages is growing. The role of bulk liquid fertilizer suppliers in South Africa and other farming nations is becoming more crucial by the day. Since establishing its first factory in Umbogintwini, in 1908, one company has gained the status of an industry leader in plant nutrition.

That company is Kynoch, and its UAN Plus™ product, containing the exclusive nitrogen stabilizer Agrotain®, is just one of the world-class products that have earned it the status of a preferred bulk liquid fertilizer supplier to many of the major growers in South Africa.

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