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In a market saturated with fertilizers and plant nutrition products, it can feel like a whirlwind choosing the right one for your crops. Now, whether you are growing your own patch of plants in your back garden, or whether you are in the agriculture industry, there is little to no space for trial and error when it comes to your yield. To help decide which plant nutrition products to use, it’s important that you first have a good understanding of which nutrients your plants need. To help simplify the process, we’ve compiled a brief overview of different plant nutrition products, and which ones you need to consider to ensure a healthy and growing plant.

Understanding Your Plant Nutrients

When it comes to plant nutrition, there are a few different key nutrients. These nutrients can be broken up into three main categories. These are Macronutrients, Secondary Nutrients and Micronutrients. Different fertilizers contain different blends of different nutrients from the three major categories. For your plant to thrive, it must get its nutrients from all three categories.

N-P-K and What it Means

For many newbies in the growing industry, several terms are frequently used when referring to plant nutrition products. One that may pop up a lot is the term N-P-K. N-P-K refers to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These are the three key macronutrients that any high-value plant needs to survive and thrive.

Kynoch specializes in a granular standard fertilizer that contains high concentrations of N, P or K. The granular form offers easy application and convenient handling.

The Specific Stage of Growth

It is important to note that the stage of your plants’ growth will also greatly influence the amount of plant nutrition products that is required. Depending on whether or not your plant is in the vegetative or flowering stage, one has to determine the right dosage of each nutrient for proper nutrition and optimal growth. There is little room for error in the agricultural sector, which means that is essential to get these dosages correct.

Kynoch is the leading supplier of fertilizer across South Africa and prides itself on being a name you can trust in the agriculture industry. If you’ve found this article helpful, and you would like some more information on site-specific fertilizer programs and recommendations, be sure to contact us on our website. Alternatively, schedule a farm visit where one of our Kynoch experts will sample your soil and help you set-up the perfect fertilizer program.

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