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The Benefits of Fertigation Products

Throughout the ages, the application of fertilizer has seen extensive growth in the agriculture industry. The method by which you choose to apply the fertilizer to your crops is known as your fertigation method. As technologies in irrigation methods improve, there is a constant flow of new and convenient innovations in different fertigation methods. Kynoch prides itself in constantly providing pioneering and effective solutions not only in the quality of fertilizers, but also in improving the way you apply it to your crops with reliable fertigation products.

Regardless of the type of crop, it’s crucial that you efficiently manage the water and nutrient use. This includes controlling the use, as well as considering the environmental impact thereafter. Kynoch is renowned for being the top supplier of fertilizer in South Africa. Many landowners already have their own preferred method of fertigation. However, to give a little more insight, we’ve decided to delve into our range of fertigation products and the benefits they can bring to your yield.

Nitrogen Fertigation

Drip fertigation is a common practice in South Africa, and the most commonly used nutrient and fertigation product is Nitrogen fertilizer. Kynoch’s Nitrogen enhanced fertilizer forms part of the N-hanced-N® nitrogen fertilizer blends that control nitrogen volatilisation, nitrification and leaching. There are several advantages to applying fertilizer through fertigation, which includes, but is not limited to, being able to apply the fertilizer exactly where it is required most, which is the crop root zone.

Kynoch’s Recommended Products

If you are feeling slightly overwhelmed about which fertilizer programmes to follow and which fertigation products to use, allow Kynoch to suggest the perfect site-specific insights for your land.

Kynoch has developed its own software, KynoPrecise, which allows farmers to benefit from our top advice and expertise on the best way forward. The KynoPrecise app has brought new meaning to mobility in the field and can be used for sampling, reports, and navigation. With all your valuable information and insights stored in one place, along with comments from leaders in the agriculture industry, you are more than capable of making better and more informed decisions when it comes to your fertigation products.

If you enjoyed this read, be sure to take a closer look at our KynoPrecise app and how it can help you choose the right fertilizer and fertigation products for an optimal yield. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us through our website, or schedule a farm visit – we’d love to help!

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