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The Effectiveness of Liquid Fertilizer

Many farmers are unsure about which fertilizer to use on their crops. Not only is it important to contemplate the nutritional ingredients of your fertilizer, but furthermore, the form in which you decide to apply it can have an impact on your overall yield and the health of your plants. Given the fact that there is no margin for error in the agricultural sector, your choice of fertilizer is an important consideration.

Liquid fertilizer has risen in popularity over the years as many trust that liquid fertilizers provide a more consistent and centralised coating over the field. Kynoch provides a variety of clear fertilizers for your choosing. The specific manufacturing of each fertilizer determines whether or not it is suitable to be used for centre pivots, by determining the pH balance of each liquid to ensure it is the best choice for your yield. If you are considering investing in a fertilizer, here are a few key benefits as well as the effectiveness of liquid fertilizers on your crops compared to granular and other standard fertilizers.

Immediate Effect

Many landowners prefer liquid fertilizer for their fast-acting properties. The liquid filters through the soil immediately, allowing the plants to benefit and see results almost straight away. This also reduces the loss of nutrients into the soil. The evenly spread-out liquids also allow all the plants to equally benefit from the fertilizer when needed.

Ease of Use

Liquids are renowned for their ease of use. Many farmers prefer them to granular fertilizers as granular fertilizers can often drop in patchy patterns across the field. Liquids are also much easier to apply, as it can run through the irrigation system. This means that regardless of the size and nature of your farm, you won’t need heavy machinery to apply the fertilizer.

If you are looking for dry or liquid fertilizer, it is important that you consider your specific soil, yield and fertigation products in order to ensure that your plants get the most out of the fertilizer. To help you with your decision, Kynoch offers tailored fertilizer programs. These programs include farm visits and a bespoke plan specifically designed for you crops and their needs.

If you found this article helpful and you are interested in purchasing fertilizer, be sure to browse our extensive product range on our website. If you’d like some more advice and tips, feel free to contact one of our Kynoch experts for any queries – we’d love to help.

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