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Liquid vs. Dry Fertilizer: Which One Is Best?

One of the principal objectives in agriculture is to find effective, sustainable ways to increase crop productivity. The answer lies in finding the best way to give your crops what they need to grow. Sunlight and water are obvious. So is the use of fertilizers. But adding nutrients to soil is not as simple as it might seem. You need to know what the quality of the soil is, what nutrients are needed, and how to best apply it. With a wide range of liquid and dry fertilizer products on the market today, it could be challenging to determine what would give you the best results.

Comparing liquid and dry fertilizer products

While there are supporters of both these product types, the short answer is that there is no clear overall winner. While arguments can be made in support of both, and against both in certain conditions – the relevance of these arguments will differ from farm to farm, crop to crop, and farming style to farming style. For some applications the one product type will deliver better benefits than the other, and vice versa.

Typically, the nutritional content of both fertilizers are quite similar. The differences often lie in the cost, storage and application of the chosen product type.

Dry fertilizer holds the benefit of providing slow nutrient release options, and can typically be stored for longer than some liquid counterparts without the concern that it will “settle out” over time. They are usually cheaper in bulk, and a better option for fertilizing fields when preparing for planting, as the nutrients stay present for longer.

Liquid fertilizer takes up less storage space and provides a more uniform application of nutrients. They are well-suited for highly specific nutrient top-ups during the crop life-cycle.

Kynoch – leading the way in superior plant nutrition products

Whether you choose to go with liquid or dry fertilizer it is still vital that you seek out the best quality product on the market for optimal results. For this, there is no better choice than Kynoch. Kynoch provides a complete range of plant nutritional products to cater for the crop-, growth- and site-specific needs of a variety of crops. With Kynoch on your farm from the start, you get the most out of your crop through improved efficiency in crop quality and yield potential.

To find out more about our wide range of top-quality liquid and dry fertilizer products, get in touch with us. Our team of agriculturists are ready to assist you with expert advice.

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