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Kynoch’s Enhanced Nitrogen Stabiliser Products Support Optimal Plant Growth

Ensuring the optimal growth and productivity of crops is a top priority for every farmer. The productivity of crops directly influences the earning potential of a farm. However, crop management should also be approached in a way that is as efficient as possible to avoid compromising the profitability of the farm. This includes soil monitoring and the provision and replenishment of the relevant nutrients in the soil to promote plant growth. It has been scientifically shown that the use of fertilizers that are enhanced with a nitrogen stabiliser delivers demonstrably better results than when using fertilizers without this addition.

Typically, nitrogen is a major component of fertilizers. This is because it is an essential ingredient to facilitate plant growth – a deficiency of nitrogen is estimated to be the most common nutritional problem that affects the poor growth of plants globally. It forms an important part of chlorophyll – the necessary compound that allows plants to absorb sunlight energy and, together with CO2 and water, create sugars through the process of photosynthesis. When plants don’t receive sufficient amounts of this nutrient during their main growth period, there is a bigger risk for potential yield losses.

Fertilizers that are enhanced with nitrogen stabilisers are more efficient in supplying plants with the required nutrients compared to fertilizers that are not enhanced with stabilisers. This is because nitrogen typically undergoes ammonia volatilisation in the absence of stabilisers, which can lead to a nutrient loss of up to 40%. Using an enhanced fertilizer is, thus, more efficient in replacing nutrients, provides better value for money, and significantly increases the efficacy of nutrient management efforts.

The Kynoch solution

As a leader in the import, blending and supply of top-quality fertilizers, Kynoch is a trusted partner in the agriculture industry for delivering results. Everything we do is focussed on being an innovative plant nutrition supplier that complements our clients’ businesses through Yield Enhancing Technologies® and innovation that enhances fertilizer performance.

As such, a variety of our fertilizer range is enhanced with industry-leading Agrotain® stabilisers to help guard against costly nitrogen loss. Agrotain® is the most proven urease inhibitor on the market, and its efficacy is backed by more than 1 000 trials, and over two decades of real-world results globally.

If you want to increase the yield of your crops, get in touch with the expert team of agriculturists at Kynoch today. Aside from innovative, top-quality fertilizers enhanced with nitrogen stabilisers, we also have a wealth of knowledge to support your efforts for best results.

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