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What can You Use to Promote Root Growth?

What Can You Use to Promote Root Growth?

The two main nutrients that support excellent root growth in plants are phosphorous and potassium. These two ingredients are extremely helpful in any fertilizer mix that needs to encourage a thick, healthy collection of brand-new roots, or to strengthen and stimulate existing systems. These fertilizer mixes are perfect for the plant’s active growing season, and as a bonus, if you’re looking for a beautifully colourful garden, phosphorus will also stimulate fruit and flower production.

The N-P-K Rule of the Green Finger

Most store-bought fertilizers will have an N-P-K ratio displayed on the bag. This ratio will indicate the percentages of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K) within the mixture respectively. If you’re looking for a mixture that stimulates root growth, ensure that the first number is always significantly lower than the following two. For example, 3-20-20 indicates three per cent nitrogen, twenty per cent phosphorous, and twenty per cent potassium. Nitrogen promotes green leggy growth at the expense of flowering, fruiting and strong, healthy root growth.

For the Green, Green Fingers

Organic gardens enjoy natural sources of phosphorous and potassium. A good-grade organic mixture containing the two ingredients will consistently release them into the soil at a slow pace. Because they release nutrients more moderately, they are considered to be slow-release fertilizers that will continuously stimulate root growth. Mixtures of rock phosphate and bone meal are good for phosphate content while kelp or wood ashes are really good sources of potassium. Some of these mixtures may also contain small amounts of magnesium and iron which are also good for your plants.

Tips from the Great Green Fingers

To stimulate root growth early but delay fruiting and flowering, dig your phosphorous and potassium mixtures into the soil roughly six inches deep, mixing the fertilizer with the soil thoroughly. Do this before the plants or seedlings are planted. For improved results, sufficient sun needs to be made available to the plants by their botanical species and plenty of water needs to follow. Once the plant begins to grow, you can then apply the nutrients to the plant with a liquid fertilizer. This will then stimulate flowering and fruiting at a later stage while still encouraging root growth.

The Green Finger’s Choice

It’s not what you use, it’s who makes what you use. When it comes to successfully cultivated root growth, Kynoch has to be your choice. Kynoch is an acknowledged leader in innovative plant nutrition, bringing new technologies to the field of botany and horticulture. We strive to complement our clients’ businesses through the use of Yield Enhancing Technologies and future innovation. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll mix it for you. Whether farm, field, or flower bed, Kynoch will get it growing.

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