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Plants obtain most of their essential nutrients from the earth. Consequently, it is common practice among gardeners and farmers to deliver any additional elements they might require to this location. In this way, the added nutrients are within easy reach of the plant’s root system, and it is easy to absorb them. Sometimes, these added substances can even stimulate root growth, resulting in overall improvement of the nutrient absorption process. However, in some circumstances, a soil fertilizer may be inappropriate, and a foliar product might better serve a plant’s needs.


Advantages of Applying Soil Fertilizer


Apart from providing anchorage, the primary purpose of a plant’s roots is to provide access to nearby nutrients and distribute them through its cells via its conductive system. By contrast, a plant’s leaves are better adapted for preventing things from gaining entry. It might, therefore, appear somewhat counterintuitive to consider applying a nutrient solution to its foliage.


Traditionally, the necessary nutrients were provided by animal manure and vegetable compost, ploughed or forked into the planting area. Modern soil fertilizer has a more precise and balanced composition, and applying it at ground level has certain advantages. The most significant of these is that once in the ground, the contained nutrients are close to the roots, providing direct access to the plant’s internal transport system.


However, the presence of the appropriate essential elements alone is not sufficient to ensure a plant’s welfare. The nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients must also be administered in a stable form that the plants can readily metabolise. In addition, there is a risk that heavy rain could wash away a soil fertilizer before it even reaches the roots. Applying the mixture superficially in granular form can often be a more practical solution than using a liquid product. The granules release their contents more slowly and evenly, reducing nutrient losses through leaching. Furthermore, the slow release process also saves time by increasing the intervals between necessary repeat applications.

Foliar and Soil Fertilizer

The Benefits of Foliar Application


However, foliar products also have some advantages. Applying a nutrient mixture to the leaves bypasses the slower journey through the earth and inhibitory factors like pH extremes that could block or retard the uptake of nutrients in a soil fertilizer. Speedy treatment can be crucial when a plant show signs of lacking a given nutrient. A foliar application is invariably the quickest way to rectify such deficiencies.


To summarise, both options have their merits, but it is essential to utilise them appropriately. At Kynoch, we have developed a wide range of solid, soluble and liquid products to cover all contingencies. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about their use or need more details about our world-renowned foliar and soil fertilizers.



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