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Kynoch Fertilizer is a leading supplier of a complete range of top quality granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers and technologies to food producers in Southern Africa. Kynoch operates warehouses as well as import and blending facilities in all the major ports and a number of inland locations in the Southern Africa region from six decentralized facilities.

Kynoch aims to pursue enhanced efficiency and our vision is to be an innovative plant nutrition partner that complements our clients’ businesses through our in-house Yield Enhancing Technologies®Yield Enhancing Services®  and innovation. This, as well as a comprehensive range of agronomic services, plant nutrient scheduling® aligned to plant development and growth enhancers, allows us and our clients to manage the growth and development of their crops optimally thus contributing to their profitability. At Kynoch we believe it best to remain at the forefront of research and product development and are excited about the on-farm successes we experience time and again.

Kynoch provides a complete range of plant nutritional products to cater to the crop-, growth- and site-specific needs of your crops. In short, this means that the unique needs of a specific crop for a specific land can be met throughout the growth season. With Kynoch’s innovative and tailor-made products you can apply fertilizer according to the specific needs and growth stages of your different crops. In this way, Kynoch ensures that your crops are given what they need, when they need it most. Furthermore, you have peace of mind, because you know with Kynoch on your farm from the outset, you get the most out of your crop and can be assured of improved efficiency which can result in better crop quality and yield potential.

Kynoch also supplies basic straight fertilizer, but we constantly strive to improve the efficiency of our plant nutritional products to benefit our clients. Kynoch is also the exclusive distributor of globally proven Agrotain® nitrogen stabilizers that limit nitrogen losses through volitalisation to a great extent. This technology is sold as KynoPlus®.  A complete range of plant nutrients is available to meet the needs of various crops. Other fertilizer raw materials, products and enhancers are integrated into our product offer. As far as we are concerned there are no silver bullets, but long-term success results from the sum total of all we do.

Producers are serviced by an extremely knowledgeable sales and agronomic technical support team. The entire Kynoch team is excited about the future and is looking forward to service our clients and to make a difference on the farm. Speak to one of our regional managers, sales personnel or agriculturalists to find out more regarding the specific products or nutrition programmes that will address the specific needs of your crops.

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We are looking forward to seeing Enhanced Efficiency through Innovation® in action on your farm to not only add value to your business but to improve the profitability of your farming enterprise.

Kynoch wishes you a prosperous season.

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