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Boost Crop Productivity With These High-Performance Granular Fertilizer Products

In agriculture, yield management is an essential part in ensuring success. The bigger the yield and the better the quality, the more profitable a farm tends to be. There are several ways a farmer can ensure an optimal yield. One of the main ways is to make sure that the crops get the necessary nutrients they need to produce the best possible yield. Granular fertilizer is one of the most commonly used plant nutrition solutions, but it’s important to note that not all products are created equal and will deliver the same results.

As a leading importer, blender and retailer of a complete range of granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers in Southern Africa, Kynoch can provide the ideal high-quality fertilizer according to your specific requirements and preference to ensure that your crops get what they need when they need it most. Our products are carefully developed and chosen to provide innovative, tailor-made solutions for every stage of crop growth to deliver the best results every time.

Our extensive range of granular fertilizer products include:

Conventional fertilizers

  • KynoPlus®: This is a dry nitrogenous fertilizer in a granular form, with a nitrogen content of 46%. Typically, on average soils in average conditions up to 40% of the urea-based nitrogen can be lost after treatment with regular fertilizers. KynoPlus®, however, is treated with Agrotain®, a urease inhibitor which is proven to control potential volatilization losses to negligible levels.

Premium products

  • GreenGold® 30: Kynoch’s winning combination of nitrogen, calcium and boron work in synergy as a top dressing fertilizer, to provide an efficient solution that can result in cost savings, and possibly higher yields and profitability.
  • Miracle™ Range: This range was specifically developed to improve the efficacy of the nutrients and to supply most or all of the essential nutrients.
  • CaSuMa® Range: These products are ideally suited for sandy soils with low nutrient status and contain nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, also relatively large quantities of calcium, magnesium and sulphur. All the products also contain zinc.
  • Unica Calcium™: This is an ideal top-dressing product which applies nitrogen, potassium and calcium in one application to support increased yields and quality.
  • KynoMac™: These products are potassium sulphate based. The MacMagic and Prelude products are a combination of potassium sulphate and KCL.

Besides importing, blending and supplying top-quality granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers, the Kynoch team includes several experienced agriculturalists who can recommend the correct products, fertilizer programmes, and scheduling of nutrients based on your specific circumstances and needs. Contact us today to find out how you can boost your crop productivity.

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