The latest trend in the agricultural sectors worldwide is Precision Agriculture because it can save time, reduces cost and is environmentally friendly.  Precision farming can contribute towards sustainability through the use of the correct inputs, and the optimal quantity of inputs at the right place at the right time. If precision agriculture does not lead to action on the farm, it is money wasted. At Kynoch we do our best to use this technology under the name KynoPrecise to benefit the farmer through actions on the farm.

KynoPrecise is an App that can be used by Kynoch employees as well as producers under certain conditions. KynoPrecise gives you site-specific insight while the cutting-edge information puts an added edge in your hand, empowering you to make informed decisions. The app has excellent mobility in the field and can be used for navigation, sampling, reports, etc. Another huge advantage is the use of satellite images that you can use to identify abnormal areas in the field which you can navigate to for a crop inspection and do timeously corrections to prevent losses.

Some of the KynoPrecise software features include:


  • On your smartphone or tablet for excellent mobility for use in the field.
  • All the necessary e.g navigation,sampling, scouting, reports etc.


  • A webbrowser where you can look at all available information e.g soil, maps, satellite images, field maps, etc in one place.


  • The ultimate in integration of data and mutli-layering to analyse meaningful relationships between different factors on your farm.

Our in-house team of experienced Agriculturalists will be able to assist you in so far as recommending the correct products, fertilizer program and scheduling of nutrients based on your specific circumstances and needs.

For more information contact Renier Bothma on or 084 247 0683