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Essential Nutrients to enhance Plant Growth

Why is the Composition of Seedling Fertilizer Special?

A plant’s seeds are packed with all the macronutrients and micronutrients necessary during the embryonic and early development stages. However, once the roots begin to develop and the first true leaves emerge from the seed pods, the baby plants’ nutritional needs change like those of newly born human infants. Colostrum and breast milk contain the requirements of a newborn child, while the soil and surroundings are the young plant’s food source. If either supply proves inadequate, there are formula products for children and seedling fertilizer to nurture infant plants. In each case, the products contain all the nutrients essential for this phase of rapid transformation.

Wild plants must rely on whatever natural resources are within reach, and only the fittest survive. However, to ensure the survival of cultivated species, they are maintained in trays in a controlled environment during the germination and initial development stages. Proper feeding is vital to ensure they will continue to thrive in the more challenging outdoor conditions. Seeds can sustain the first leaves to appear, known as cotyledons. However, a specialised seedling fertilizer will become necessary soon after the second set emerges.Plant Biostimulants

Choosing a Suitable Seedling Fertilizer

Choosing the correct product for this purpose is crucial. A water-soluble or liquid one will simplify the application process and ensure even distribution so growers can be sure each plant will receive an equal share of essential nutrients. At this stage, the need is for a mix of primary and secondary plant macronutrients plus selected micronutrients in adequate concentrations and the correct proportions. Kynoch meets these requirements with its water-soluble seedling fertilizer known as KynoPop®.

The product contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the necessary proportions and smaller but adequate amounts of magnesium and sulphur. Trace quantities of boron, molybdenum, copper and zinc complete a mix in which the latter two minerals are in the form of chelates to enhance their uptake.

Once transferred to an open field, a single application of KynoPop® in a 10% solution will give the seedlings a healthy start. The product is especially beneficial for plantings during cold and wet conditions. Also, this Kynoch seedling fertilizer is ideal for use in sandy soils where nutrients are often sparse, and the young plants may be exposed to wind damage. After the initial treatment, it is often helpful to apply smaller maintenance doses at suitable intervals.

If you want to learn more about how to ensure high yields and healthy crops with world-renowned, time-proven products such as the KynoPop®  seedling fertilizer, then click here or contact us.

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