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What Plant Biostimulants Can Do for Your Yields

Many definitions of plant biostimulants have been reported. However, the broader and more accepted definition would be that biostimulants are substances or microorganisms applied to seeds, crops’ foliage or the soil that stimulates the natural processes to benefit seed hatching, tolerance to abiotic stress and unseasonal weather conditions.

There are many benefits paired with using plant biostimulants. When selected and applied properly, these products boost biological efficiencies, such as nutrient uptake and efficiency, encouraging high-quality crops that are more nutrient-rich and produce higher yields. It can be applied to either the soil or the plant.

They are extremely effective in preventing stress on crops. If you relieve abiotic stress, the plant can continue to grow and provide a better return on investment for the farmer. They also help minimise the crop from going into survival mode, which could potentially delay maturity.

Select and Apply Properly

It is vitally important to carefully select your products from a respected source and apply these products at the right time and congruent to the growth of the plant.

Plant FertilizerDo your homework by choosing products that are supported by the findings from field trials. Be wary of those that overpromise on their results, as they may not be able to deliver.

Producing Increasingly Positive Results

This is why Kynoch has introduced its own range of plant biostimulants. Digging into one hundred years of experience and drawing on the knowledge of leading agriculturists, Kynochs’ flagship plant biostimulants, KynoHumate-Blackand KynoFulvate-Yellow, were introduced. These biostimulants are products that have stood the test of several seasons.

Among others, these products are created by leading, in-house agriculturists who use only substances and microorganisms from natural origins. The mixtures can be applied during fertigation or, in the case of the Fulvate product, it is sufficient for foliar application, as a root drench or as a soil-applied liquid fertilizer.

With the added benefits of these products, you would think you’ve won before you’ve begun but, you won’t be alone. In order to assist in the success of your crop, Kynoch offers additional services including our crop specific approach.

Plant Biostimulants, the Kynoch Way

Our in-house team can assist by recommending the correct products, fertilizer programs and scheduling of nutrients based on your crops’ specific needs, and we improve our services and products year on year with enhanced efficiency through innovation. Contact us to find out how we can assist in ensuring yields that will keep on producing.

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