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If you are in need of an effective Nitrogen stabilizer manufactured by a reputable fertilizer company, Kynoch has the best product for you. Kynoch is a leading fertilizer supplier in South Africa, helping farmers and agricultural businesses to get the best results from their crops.

Kynoch is a supplier of AGROTAIN®, a Nitrogen Stabilizer developed by Koch Agronomic Services (KAS), which is the original, most research-proven urease inhibitor technology on the market today. AGROTAIN® will help to protect your Nitrogen investments and increase yield potential. Read more below about what AGROTAIN® is, how it works, and how it can benefit your crops and produce. Get in touch with a professional sales consultant or agriculturalist at Kynoch today for more information and advice.

Our Products

The total collection of products available ensures that our clients can match the nutritional needs of their crops at every growth stage, but also adapt either their overall fertilizer programs or their practices.

What is AGROTAIN®?

Plants require sufficient amounts of Nitrogen during the different growth phases, which is usually supplied by fertilizer products. Unfortunately, Nitrogen losses due to ammonia volatilisation can lead to up to 40% of Nitrogen being lost, when urea or UAN is not adequately incorporated. This can have an extremely negative impact on a crop’s yield potential and quality.

AGROTAIN® has been developed and scientifically proven to reduce Nitrogen losses due to volatilisation. This urease inhibitor is a proven Nitrogen Stabilizer, with 1,000 trials and over 20 years of real-world results on millions of acres globally.


Benefits of AGROTAIN® Nitrogen Stabilizer

  • Efficiency of fertilizer: Because up to 40% of Nitrogen applications can be lost due to volatilisation, you will not get the best benefits from your fertilizer. The prevention of volatilisation will ensure that your fertilizer application is more effective, so that you can enjoy optimal benefits of your fertilizer products and inputs.  
  • Increase crop quality and yield potential: The effective application of Nitrogen fertilizer will help to improve crop quality and increase yield potential, so that you can get the most out of your crops.
  • Environmental benefits: Nitrogen stabilizers have helped farmers and companies to reduce the environmental impact of fertilizer, by reducing water pollution in the surrounding area, keeping the nitrates out of the water as well as lessening greenhouse gas emissions.

Enhanced Efficiency through Innovation

Kynoch’s vision is to be an innovative plant nutrition supplier that complements our clients’ businesses through Yield Enhancing Technologies® and innovation that enhances fertilizer performance.  This, as well as a comprehensive range of agronomic services, plant nutrient scheduling® aligned with plant development and growth enhancers, allows us and our clients to manage the growth of their crops optimally.

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Kynoch is the exclusive distributor of the globally proven Agrotain® nitrogen stabiliser supplied by Koch Industries. This Agrotain® technology was the first of many technologies that we adopted to ensure efficiency on the farm. It allowed us to build a new category of N-hanced-N® products which are known as the KynoPlus® range.

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Get the best Nitrogen Stabilizer from Kynoch

Let Kynoch assist you to protect your Nitrogen investments and yield potential, by providing you with an effective Nitrogen Stabilizer for your fertilizer application. Combine this Nitrogen Stabilizer with our specially developed fertilizer products for different crop types, to improve the quality of your crops and increase yield potential. Kynoch is a leading fertilizer supplier in South Africa, that has assisted many farmers to get the most from their crops.

Speak to an experienced agriculturalist or sales consultant at Kynoch to get your AGROTAIN® Nitrogen Stabilizer and other essential fertilizer products for your crop’s nutrient needs.