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Precision farming is a term so widely used and includes anything from chemical soil maps to farming equipment. The more you work towards precision farming the more information you need to store or work through. There is generally a map for every action taken on a field, but the challenge is to store all this information and to be able to compare it with each other or to use it for recommendations. To overcome this challenge there is now KynoPreciseTM

KynoPreciseTM is an application that is available to Kynoch customers on the Apple iStore (Android version to be released soon). Fields on the application can be registered to receive NDVI (Normalized difference vegetation index) images from two different satellite sources to ensure more timeous images. These NDVI images help to show changes in the crop growth in a short amount of time and if necessary, recommendations can be done accordingly. The KynoPreciseTM application receives at least one NDVI image every two weeks and therefore can also be handy during field trails. On irrigated fields, a lower NDVI reading can indicate areas of the centre pivot that received too much or too little water.

KynoPreciseTM also has the ability to compare different types of maps with each other to see if there is a correlation between them.  Figure 1 and Figure 2 compare different types of maps using the application. Figure 1 is a yield map of maize harvested in 2019. The red colour indicates a lower yield while the green colour indicates a high yield. Figure 2 is a potassium precision chemical map taken from a grid sample. Red indicates low potassium levels while the green indicates high potassium levels. A good correlation can be seen between the potassium and yield maps in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

NDVI images generated from KynoPrecise

NDVI images generated from KynoPrecise

KynoPreciseTM is an application that gives you the ability to see how your crop grows during the growing season. Grain marketing decisions can also be made by using the many NDVI images received throughout the growing season.  KynoPreciseTM is definitely an asset for any producer.

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