Kynoch Approach

Kynoch understands that timing and expertise makes a big difference in farming and uses a specific approach.

Crop Specific

Kynoch acknowledges the fact that every crop has a specific nutrient requirement. Therefore, we have products that are specially formulated, for example, legumes, grain crops, crops rich in oils, fodder crops, tree crops, etc. Our foliar range in particular, has been formulated to meet the needs of different crops.

Growth Stage Specific

Crops like humans, go through different growth stages where some nutrients are more important than others during a specific stage. For crops, these stages can be germination, vegetative- (growth of stems, leaves, etc.), reproductive- (flowering) and grain- or fruit- filling stages. There are also specific Kynoch products linked to these stages.

Site Specific

Site-specific refers to the geographical position where the crop is planted. It can be a specific farm, a specific land, or even a specific part of the land. It is common knowledge that soil fertility differs between farms, between lands and even between different parts of a land. That is where we make use of representative soil- and/or leave samples to make fertilizer proposals. Our precision agriculture service (KynoPrecise®) provides in-depth maps to make our proposals even more precise. Click here for more information on KynoPrecise®.