Kynoch se KynoKelp gee “groen” ’n nuwe betekenis
Ultra fertilise
Boosting Soil Health and Crop Productivity: Strategies for Sustainable Farming
Kynoch se KynoKelp gee “groen” ’n nuwe betekenis
Ultra fertilise
Boosting Soil Health and Crop Productivity: Strategies for Sustainable Farming

Sustainable agricultural solutions from Kynoch Fertilizer

As one crop growing season comes to a close, producers begin to plan for the next. This transition period is a critical time for decision-making, as it sets the stage for the upcoming season’s success. Producers must carefully consider which crops to plant, how to fertilise them, and how to optimise their growth. However, it’s crucial to remember that each crop and soil combination is unique, and what works in one situation may not work in another.


Understanding the Crop and Soil

A key lesson learnt from experience is the importance of understanding both the crop and the medium it’s anchored in. This knowledge can unlock the full potential of the combination. Fixed recipes for a given crop won’t necessarily yield the same success elsewhere, as the specific soil, location, and crop interact in complex ways. Historically, researchers referred to this combination as a soil-crop ecotope, highlighting the need to avoid one-size-fits-all approaches.


Involving a Kynoch Agriculturalist and Agent

To ensure the best possible outcomes, it’s advisable for producers to involve a Kynoch agriculturalist and agent in their planning and decision-making process. These experts can provide valuable insights and guidance on the most effective fertilisers, soil conditioners, and growth stimulants for each specific crop and soil combination. Various baskets or groups of plant nutrients, bio-stimulants, and even soil conditioners can enhance any crop production system.


Liquid Fertilisers and Hydroponic Systems

Kynoch offers a range of high-quality clear liquid fertilisers, which can be used in conjunction with dry fertiliser options. Liquid alternatives are available for most dry fertiliser options, and specialised crops can be fertigated or fed through hydroponic systems. Nutritional feed for these crops requires specialised knowledge about soil and water quality, as well as the specific types of macro-, secondary-, and micro-elements needed. Managing electrical conductivity and salt indexes in the water, fertiliser solution, and wetting zones in the soil is crucial for optimal growth.


Vegetable Production

Vegetables are typically planted in rows, with fertiliser banding during planting. An Ultra-fertiliser (micro-element coated) banded during planting ensures a complementary array of nutrients within immediate access of roots. KynoKelp seaweed extract can be used as a foliar after emergence (or transplanting) to benefit early root development and growth. After emergence, Veggie Oemff, together with KynoFulvate Yellow (an uptake enhancer) as a foliar, promotes healthy growth. KynoHumate Black can be used as a soil conditioner to benefit roots and nutrient uptake from the soil.


Unlocking Potential

In row crop production, a key insight for unlocking potential is Ultra technology for vegetables. Loads of micro-elements coated onto every fertiliser granule are present and available in the soil after banding and are highly plant absorbable. Ultra can be made for planting blends with KynoPlus stabilised urea. Various Oemff products are available for foliar toppings, in association with KynoKelp seaweed extract and KynoFulvate Yellow. Sulphur-containing KynoPlus top- or side-dressing blends, with or without potassium, are available.


Permanent Crops

Permanent crops like vines, stone and pome fruit, citrus, nuts, avocado, litchi, banana, and dates are grown in South Africa. Each one can be seen as a speciality, requiring specific nutrients and care. In the basket for this group, there are multiple excellent options (dry granule, water-soluble, and liquids). For macadamia, for instance, a KynoMac range of products is available to provide specific nutrients.



Getting ready for a new season requires careful planning and consideration of the unique needs of each crop and soil combination. By involving a Kynoch agriculturalist and agent, and utilising the right fertilisers, soil conditioners, and growth stimulants, producers can unlock the full potential of their crops and achieve optimal growth and yields.


Compiled by Chris Schmidt on 082 885 8134, or email, and Chris Burbidge on 083 702 0760 or email

KynoKelp® M314 (Act 36 of 1947)
KynoFulvate Yellow® M261 (Act 36 of 1947)
KynoHumate Black® M350 (Act 36 of 1947)
KynoPlus® K8024 (Act 36 of 1947)
KynoMac® 6:0:10 (30) K11218 (Act 36 of 1947)


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