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Saving time, labour and application costs and enhancing the effectiveness of application are some of the main reasons for tank mixing. Although tank mixing sounds like a simple and easy endeavour, you must remember that you are dealing with chemicals that can have certain negative outcomes when mixed with the wrong substances.

Let Kynoch assist with all your tank mixing needs. Our team of experienced and professional agriculturalists will advise you on the best tank mixing methods when it comes to your fertilizer and pesticides, to ensure that you get the desired mixture for your crops. Contact Kynoch Fertilizer today for advice on your tank mixing requirements. Kynoch is a leading producer of crop specific fertilizer products in South Africa, with many years of experience in the fertilizer industry.

Our Products

The total collection of products available ensures that our clients can match the nutritional needs of their crops at every growth stage, but also adapt either their overall fertilizer programs or their practices.

Compatibility / Tank Mixability of chemicals

It is essential to determine the tank mixability and compatibility of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers before opting to mix certain solutions. Tankmix™ provides a user-friendly system which can be used as a guideline to determine the mixability of specific pesticides and chemicals. This, however, does not guarantee the compatibility of certain chemicals, and the product label and advisors assistance should be consulted to ensure the desired outcome.

Enhanced Efficiency through Innovation

Kynoch’s vision is to be an innovative plant nutrition supplier that complements our clients’ businesses through Yield Enhancing Technologies® and innovation that enhances fertilizer performance.  This, as well as a comprehensive range of agronomic services, plant nutrient scheduling® aligned with plant development and growth enhancers, allows us and our clients to manage the growth of their crops optimally.

Researchers work constantly to develop technologies that improve fertilizer performance and efficiency. Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers are fertilizer products that can reduce nutrient losses to the environment while increasing nutrient availability for the crop. These fertilizers can either slow down the release of nutrients for uptake or alter the conversion of nutrients to other forms that may be less prone to losses.

To complete the full range of plant nutrition requirements, other fertilizer materials and enhancers are sourced locally and internationally. As a result, your long-standing innovative plant nutrition partner now brings you Enhanced Efficiency through Innovation.

Our product offering is continuously being updated to ensure we bring you the latest proven technology and enhancers in improving the quality and efficiency of our products and also your crop as you can nurture growth at every stage.

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Kynoch is the exclusive distributor of the globally proven Agrotain® nitrogen stabiliser supplied by Koch Industries. This Agrotain® technology was the first of many technologies that we adopted to ensure efficiency on the farm. It allowed us to build a new category of N-hanced-N® products which are known as the KynoPlus® range.

KynoPlus® was specifically designed to mitigate the potential volatilisation losses typically associated with urea. This product is beneficial to all farmers but particularly so to no-till farmers faced with large amounts of crop residue on the soil surface. The higher efficiency of KynoPlus® can also reduce transport costs and handling on the farm.

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Tips and advice on tank mixing

There are a few tips and tricks when it comes to tank mixing, but firstly you should always check the label for any information or instructions regarding mixing with other pesticides or fertilizers.

If little or no information is provided, you can execute the Jar Test to determine compatibility of pesticides and fertilizers. The Jar test requires the mixing of substances or chemicals in a jar in the right order and ratio, shaking, and setting aside for an hour to settle. Substances that are not compatible will have certain reactions such as heating up, layering or forming of flakes. It is then also advised to test the contents / mixture in your jar, before applying to your crops or plants. Apply is a small section of your crop / plants to test for undesirable residue or toxicity, b waiting a few days after application.

Should you be mixing fertilizer with pesticides, it is best to consult an experienced agriculturalists to ensure the best outcome. Fertilizers can change the pH levels of the mixture, and also cause the mixture to give undesirable results.

    Let Kynoch advise you on your tank mixing needs

    If you are unsure about tank mixing of fertilizers and pesticides, let Kynoch advise and assist you. Our team of agriculturalists are experienced in mixing fertilizers, and will help you to obtain the perfect mixture for your crops and plants. See the
     programme for guidance on your fertilizer and pesticide mixtures, or contact Kynoch today.

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