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Fertilizer Programs: The Cost-Effective Way to Maintain Your Soil Quality

Those who are not involved in agriculture might never give a second thought to soil quality, but those of us who are farmers or ground managers know that soil quality forms the basis of almost every decision and outcome regarding our daily tasks. If the soil quality is poor, every other action you take will have less than the desired result. This is why fertilizer programs are so vital. Unlike regular residential gardens, you don’t rely on random nutrition replacement as and when needed, but rather a management program that allows you to always know the status of your soil and what yield or results to expect.

The Benefits of Fertilizer Programs

Here are just some of the benefits of our fertilizer programs:

  • Cost savings

Because fertilizer programs cover the complete fertilisation needs of a farm or property for an extended period of time, it allows for bulk buying, which often means cost savings compared to one-off purchases.

  • Better time management

A carefully planned program provides farm and ground managers with a pre-planned timetable, which allows them to plan all necessary activities around the fertilisation processes in advance. Additional activities can easily be slotted in around these scheduled activities.

  • Improved productivity

Fertilizer programs provide a proactive way of managing soil quality, rather than a reactive way. This means you are always prepared to provide the best nutrients for your crops, rather than having to act when noticing substandard growth or production.

  • Higher accuracy in yield prediction

When you act proactively and know the quality of your soil, it is easier to predict crop yields more accurately. This allows for improved farm and budget management.

Where to Start

Truly effective and impactful fertilizer programs require an initial analysis of the soil quality before the actual program schedule and product roster can be determined. This is because a program like this is in effect a soil management program, and you need a clear view of the state at the start to know how much adjustment needs to be made before regular nutrient level maintenance can begin. This will differ from area to area, and also depends heavily on the irrigation methods and type of crops.

Kynoch is a trusted plant nutrition supplier that complements our clients’ businesses through the use of Yield Enhancing Technologies® and innovation. In addition to supplying a range of high-quality, class-leading fertilizer products, we also have the expertise and equipment to help you test and monitor your soil, and create fertilizer programs that suit your unique needs and boost your production levels. Contact us right away for more information.

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