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Biostimulants are defined as a variety of substances and microorganisms used to improve plants’ growth. Biostimulants can promote plant health, root system development, soil structure and soil fertility. Examples of biostimulants include but not limited to humates, fulvates, and seaweed extracts.

What can biostimulants do that nutrients cannot do?

When biostimulants are applied to plants, seeds, soil or other growing media their function is to trigger natural processes to improve crop quality, nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, and tolerance to environmental stresses such as extreme climatic conditions, salinity, and drought. Biostimulants can also assist plants to overcome potential yield losses, caused by environmental stresses.

Regulation by Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries for biostimulants registration.

The Department of Agriculture recognizes the importance of biostimulants and now requires companies to register them as Group 3 Fertilizers. Each application needs to include proof that the biostimulant has a beneficial effect on crop growth. To meet this requirement a scientific test is followed where the biostimulant is compared to an un-treated control, at half, normal and double dosages. All treatments are repeated at least five times.


Investment by ETG and Kynoch to support the use of biostimulants.

ETG and Kynoch has invested in a research facility to evaluate biostimulant products. When we set up the experiments, we take great care to ensure that all conditions are equal so that we can be sure that improvements in growth are as a result of the product being tested and not superior growing conditions. Practically this means weighing all pots so that they all contain an equal amount of soil and arranging the pots in such a way that the different treatments receive the same amount of light and equal temperatures. The testing of biostimulants by ETG and Kynoch is in line with the Department of Agriculture’s regulations.

Before any product is released commercially, we measure product characteristics like pH, the salt concentration, solubility and check properties like shelf life and compatibility. We make sure that product has the ability to improve crop production, meet the requirements and regulations of the Department of Agriculture, and is not a bogus product.

Biostimulants improve plant growth, plant root development, nutrient use and plant tolerance to severe environmental conditions. ETG and Kynoch ensures that scientific tests are conducted when evaluating biostimulants and to make sure that biostimulants which are released commercially meet the required standards and improve the plant growth.


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