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5 Exceptional Benefits of Using Liquid Fertilizer for Your Crops

Fertilizers play a major role in the productivity of farming, and therefore, meeting the consumption requirements of humans globally. Without fertilizers, we would be facing major shortages globally, with catastrophic effects on both human survival and the global economy. That said, not all fertilizers are created equal, or for the same purpose. The efficacy of plant nutrition efforts also depend on using the best products for the relevant conditions at the right time – and applying it in the correct way. This is one of the reasons why so many farmers prefer the use of liquid fertilizer. They offer numerous benefits that help you get plant nutrition right, every time.

Here are five great reasons why you should also be using liquid fertilizer:

  1. Easy to Perform Uniform Application

Because of the solid nature of granular variations, it often happens that they are dropped in fields in a non-uniform way. It is easier to distribute a liquid evenly and, since it soaks into the soil, it further spreads more uniformly, ensuring that all sections of a field get the same nutrients.

  1. Faster Acting

The fact that it soaks into the soil immediately provides another benefit: it provides plants with faster access to nutrients compared to its granular counterparts. This makes it especially suitable for use early in the growing season to support root formation.

  1. Less Nutrition Loss

Nitrogen plays an essential role in plant growth and thus crop yield. It is estimated that granulated fertilizers undergo a nitrogen loss of up to 40%, whereas liquid fertilizer tends to lose no more than 10%, ensuring that you get the result you pay for.

  1. Ease of Handling

No heavy equipment is required and it can be applied by using the irrigation system. This also makes it easier to apply the right concentration. In addition, there is no need for protecting your workforce against inhaling the dust, as is the case with certain granular fertilizers.

  1. Easier to Store

Because these are stored in concentrated form in sealed containers, there are fewer challenges associated with the storage process. It takes up less space, is less sensitive to seasonal or environmental factors, and poses much less of a fire risk than traditional fertilizers.

To find out more about the use and benefits of liquid fertilizer, get in touch with the team at Kynoch. By combining our expert knowledge with a product range of innovative plant nutrition solutions, it is our aim to assist each of our clients with the optimal development of their crops.

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