Which fertilizer is best for my vegetable plants?

With so many fertilizers available in the market, it can be a difficult choice to pick the best fertilizer for your specific vegetable plants. Fertilizer plays an enormous role in the growth of your vegetable plants and crop yield. This is because the fertilizer supplies the plants and vegetables with all the essential nutrients required for optimal growth and crop yield. This is especially essential on farms that use the same soil year after year to grow vegetable and other crops. The plants absorb all the nutrients present in the soil, needed for growth and vegetable production. This is why it is needed to replenish the nutrients in the soil as required.

Kynoch Fertilizer is a leading producer and supplier of fertilizer in South Africa. This innovative fertilizer supplier has developed a range of fertilizer product to meet the needs of specific plants and vegetables, supplying the crops with the nutrients they need, at the growth phase they need it the most. This makes Kynoch Fertilizers a leading choice of fertilizer suppliers in South Africa. Contact Kynoch today for more information about our fertilizer for vegetables, maize, sunflowers, soya beans, wheat, pastures and sugar cane.

The best fertilizer for your vegetables and other crops

  • Vegetables: Kynoch has developed a range of Fertilizer products, specifically for the needs of your vegetable plants. Our specially designed Veggie OEMFF will ensure that you get the most out of your vegetable plants regarding growth and yield.
  • Maize: Forage such as maize plants is strongly influenced by nutrition, which is why it is essential to plan the nutrient replenishment of the soil for optimal growth. Kynoch supplies a specialised fertilizer for Maize, namely Maize OEMFF. Together with our other fertilizer products, your maize crops will have all the nutrients they need for optimal growth.
  • Sunflowers: Growing in different soil types, sunflower plants need a variety of different nutrients for optimal growth and yield. Our Sunflower OEMFF will supply our sunflower plants with all the required nutrients they need.
  • Soya beans: Kynoch has also developed a range of fertilizer, Soya OEMFF, designed to meet the needs of your soya plants. Let Kynoch help you to get the most form your Soya crops.
  • Wheat: Our Wheat OEMFF has been developed to meet the demands of wheat plants during the construction phase of development, promoting growth and wheat yield.
  • Pastures: Keep your pastures growing lavishly by replenishing the nutrients in the soil with Kynoch’s Pasture OEMFF, aimed at enhancing the quality and performance of your pastures.
  • Sugar cane: Kynoch has a range of fertilizer designed to meet the needs of your sugar cane crops, promoting optimal growth and crop yield. Read more about our Sugar Cane OEMFF.

For more information about any of the above mentioned fertilizer products, contact Kynoch Fertilizer today. We will help you to get the best fertilizer for your plants, vegetables and other crop types.

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