With Kynoch’s innovative and tailor-made products you can apply fertilizer according to the needs and growth stages of your different crops. In this way, Kynoch ensures that your crops are given what they need, when they need it most.  Furthermore, you have peace of mind, because you know with Kynoch on your farm from the outset, you get the most out of your crop and can be assured of improved efficiency in crop quality and yield potential.

Kynoch has developed a complete range of products (nutrition) to cater for the crop-specific and growth-stage specific needs of your crops. We have a range of products that will specifically enhance the quality and performance of your veggie crop, including:

  • KynoPlusTM or its derivatives and specific KynoPlusTM blends,
  • KynoPopTM,
  • Veggie OEMFF® (Starter, Grow and Fruit)


Our Veggie OEMFF® have been specially formulated and are growth stage specific.  Veggie OEMFF® from Kynoch will boost your veggies to reveal only their best at each growth stage.  The Veggie OEMFF® range comprises of three tailor-made formulations, i.e. Veggie OEMFF® Starter, Veggie OEMFF® Grow and Veggie OEMFF® Fruit, to complement the macro and micro nutritional requirements of the plant at a particular phenological stage.  It  supports and enhances root development, growth, flowering and cell enlargement and assists in the mitigation of crop stresses whilst  attributing towards excellent yields and profits.

Veggie OEMFF® Starter is effective early in the season where root development and the establishment of the young plant are of the utmost importance. Veggie OEMFF® Grow enhances growth because of its specific element composition, while Veggie OEMFF® Fruit plays an important role in flowering and cell enlargement of fruit and bulbs.

Note: Foliar sprays should be used in conjunction and support of normal fertilizing practices, whilst  the use of a suitable sticker is recommended.

Speak to one of our regional managers, sales team or agriculturalists to find out more regarding the specific products that will address your specific needs.