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The Importance of Using Quality Growth Fertilizer

Whether you’re an independent small grower, or well-established in the agriculture industry, there is one shared goal that is implanted in the foundation of everything you do: your crops need to grow. A top-quality growth fertilizer plays an important role in boosting the health and productivity of your produce. To help you choose the right fertilizer, we’ve compiled a list of the effects that quality growth fertilizer can have on your yield.

Promoting Growth

As straightforward as it may seem, various elements can stunt the growth of your produce. A good fertilizer contains enhanced nitrogen stabilisers, which encourages growth and doubles as a greening agent.

Improved Quality

Investing in a quality growth fertilizer is investing in your business and ensuring that the quality of your product is stable and continuously good. Growth fertilizers can improve the quality of your yield by ensuring the improved quality fruits and seeds. This has a direct impact on a farmer’s livelihood and supports the production of higher quality crops, which, in turn, lead to increased profitability.

Meet Your Unique Requirements

Every farm requires specific nutrients at different levels. What works for one piece of land, may not necessarily work on other crops. At Kynoch, we take these differences into account by providing a fertilizer that meets your unique requirements, ensuring that you get the most out of the product. As a leading and highly trusted importer, blender, and retailer of a complete range of granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers in southern Africa, Kynoch can provide the correct fertilizer according to your specific requirements and preference.

Fertilizer Proposals

If you would like to make use of our services in finding the right growth fertilizer, consider allowing Kynoch to visit your farm and share our expertise with you. During one of our visits to your farm, we include specialised proposals. These proposals centre around a target yield, your soil fertility level and scientifically based the specific guidelines. These proposals are developed by qualified people who will also take the management and tillage practices of the producer into account to make them practical for on-farm use. Special attention will also be given not to harm the environment and to make them financially affordable.

Read more about our farm visit services here.

If you’ve enjoyed this read and you’re looking for the perfect growth fertilizer for your crops, be sure to browse our range of products here.

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