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The in-depth knowledge of plant physiology gained over many decades has enabled researchers to develop a wide range of products that meet the nutritional needs of various farm crops more thoroughly than is possible by purely natural means. Organic farming, with its use of vegetable compost and animal manure, undoubtedly has its merits. However, the high yields and consistent quality of farm-grown produce necessary to meet growing market demands are only achievable using manufactured products such as a premium granular fertilizer.

Soil Fertilizer - Premium Granular Fertilizer

The nutritional requirements of plants are complex and variable. Although nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are essential for all plant life, the amount of each element required varies between species and according to the stage in a plant’s life cycle. Manufacturers must, therefore, take these varying needs into account when formulating products for a given species or purpose. In addition to these three macronutrients, several other elements in smaller or even trace quantities can also be crucial for healthy growth. Using an appropriate premium granular fertilizer can ensure the optimal levels and proportions of all essential nutrients applicable to a given task.


In this respect, the range of innovative, tailor-made plant nutrition products from Kynoch is unparalleled. For example, the company’s GreenGold® 30 product offers many significant advantages for grain farmers. Also, it is equally suitable for vegetable or fruit growers and is also highly effective as a top dressing when growing sunflowers. The mix consists of 30% nitrates and ammonium compounds to cover both immediate and long-term needs, with 9,6% calcium and 0,16% boron. This premium granular fertilizer is treated with a patented urease inhibitor named Agrotain®, which reduces nitrogen loss caused by ammonia formation and volatilisation to negligible levels. Calcium aids nitrogen absorption and is essential for cell division, while boron’s role in pollination and fertilisation is crucial.


Kynoch’s Miracle range consists of eight products that differ primarily in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ratios. Each product also contains calcium, magnesium, sulphur, silicon and zinc, while two also have additional micronutrients. In each case, the primary nitrogen source in these premium granular fertilizers is a patented product named KynoPlus®, which reduces volatilisation losses and thus improves yield.


One may use certain products in the Miracle range during planting, while others are generally intended as a top dressing or for surface application. Row crops, pastures, vegetables, fruit and nut trees, and more will benefit from these products. For information about these and other premium products, how and when to apply them and for which crops they are best suited, speak to Kynoch – South Africa’s leading producer and supplier of premium granular fertilizer.

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