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A Root Development Fertilizer Can Give Crops a Perfect Start


Just as the nutritional needs of human babies vary according to the stage in their development, the same is true of plant species. Also, the nutrients they receive during their early development can be crucial for subsequent healthy growth in each case. The newborn child generally feeds from its mother while plants must obtain sustenance from the soil and the atmosphere. By contrast, often, the safest way to ensure meeting a plant’s needs adequately during the crucial germination stage is to apply a specially-formulated root development fertilizer.

Though soil may contain sufficient quantities of all nutrients necessary for healthy growth, a plant can only access these if its root system is adequate. In practice, seedlings need more than just the essential macro-elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) to grow a sufficiently extensive and functional root system. They also require adequate quantities of the secondary elements magnesium and sulphur and the micro-elements zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), boron (B) and molybdenum (Mo). Ideally, the copper and zinc should be in the form of chelates to optimise the effects of a root development fertilizer. Chelation will increase the availability of these micronutrients to the developing young plants.


However, an inadequate root system is not the only threat to developing seedlings. Stress conditions such as extreme cold, excessive rain and drought can also be hazardous. Fortunately, applying a suitable blend of these macro-, secondary, and micronutrients offers the farmer a means to ensure seedlings are better able to tolerate such stresses while also protecting them from pests and disease. Robust seedling growth is the essential first step towards a successful and profitable harvest. Applying a suitable root development fertilizer can be the best way, and sometimes the only way, to achieve that all-important first step.

KynoPop® is a water-soluble powder containing all the elements named above in proportions that are perfect for promoting healthy seedling growth. When planting, a single soil application of a 10% solution will guarantee a sufficient supply of those vital nutrients. However, if the application is performed after planting, it will be enough to apply the same volume of an 8% solution of this proven-effective root development fertilizer to the soil. Farmers will find this product especially beneficial for seedlings grown in sandy soils and where they may be exposed to wind damage.


KynoPop® is one of numerous innovative plant nutrition products developed by Kynoch, a pioneer and widely-accepted leader in this specialised and vital field for more than a century. The company is renowned for its development of yield-enhancing technologies. The KynoPop® root development fertilizer is just one example of its many successful applications of those technologies.

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