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With Kynoch on your farm from the start, you get the most out of your crop and can be assured of improvements in crop quality and yield potential.

As a leading importer, blender and retailer of a complete range of granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers in Southern Africa, Kynoch can provide the correct fertilizer according to your specific requirements and preference. With Kynoch’s innovative and tailor-made products you can apply enhanced fertilizer according to the needs and growth stages of your different crops. In this way, Kynoch ensures that your crops are given what they need when they need it most.

Product Categories

Kynoch has been a leader in bringing innovative technologies to the local farmer when it introduced nitrogen stabilizers to the market under the name KynoPlus®. KynoPlus® fertilizer uses the patented Agrotain®-technology supplied by Koch Industries and Kynoch is their exclusive distributor in sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2010, the results seen when applying this technology to reduce nitrogen volatilisation, have been astounding. KynoPlus® was just the first product in a range of N-hanced-N® nitrogen fertilizer blends that control nitrogen volatilisation, nitrification and leaching.

When untreated urea is applied to the soil, a large percentage of the nitrogen can be lost due to volatilization. Different factors over which we do not always have control can increase these losses. KynoPlus® through the reduction in volatilization help secure your nitrogen investment.

When using KynoPlus®, you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of applied nitrogen, which can result in improved crop quality, yield and profit.  Using higher concentration products, means less product need to be transported to the farm.  Transport costs can be reduced by more than 50%.  KynoPlus® nitrogen concentration is amongst the highest, which results in some of the lowest transportation costs per hectare.

KynoPlus® will make a contribution to increased profitability by increasing yield, lowering nitrogen fertilization cost and reducing losses to the environment. KynoPlus®  is also available in a full range of NPKS blends.

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AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer products help secure your nitrogen investment. When untreated urea or UAN is surface-applied, on average soils in average conditions up to 40% of the urea-based nitrogen can be lost.  By using enhanced efficiency fertilizers, like urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizers, you can help guard against costly nitrogen loss.

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Standard Fertilizer Products

Granular Fertilizer

Kynoch also offers granular fertilizers containing high concentrations of N, P or K. Their granular form allows for easy application and handling.

Liquid Fertilizer

Our clear liquid range of products has two categories, NPK-blends and single Nitrogen products. Concentrations of blends for the first group range from 10 to 26% and the second, between 19 to 32%. Due to differences in manufacturing, the liquid fertilizers are divided into a general liquid range of products suitable for centre pivots, or not. The distinction is also made with regards to Specialty groups, namely the Opti- and the AquaTech-range of products. Some blends contain S, Ca and/or Mg and micronutrients can also be added.

Suitable for centre pivots

This range includes a variety of blends and straights where the pH is acceptable for use in centre pivots with the proviso, that sufficient water is applied to dilute the

fertilizer whilst it flows through the system. These products may have a low pH as concentrated solutions, but they increase when mixed with water at the volumes applied by a pivot.

Tractor Applications

These products are very acidic and the pH stays low, even when diluted with large amounts of water. Therefore, these products are most suitable for use as planting blends, in other words, applied with a planter (applicator) into the soil.

The Opti-range of products

This is our flagship range of liquid products which incorporate an uptake enhancer, for increased yield over equivalent products which do not include the enhancer. They are mainly used for fertigation.

The AquaTech-range

This is a specialised low chloride range primarily containing N, P and K, but some may also contain Ca, Mg or S.

Addition of micronutrients

Liquid micronutrients, i.e. Zn, Cu, Mn in chelated form, as well as B, could be added to liquid fertilizer.

Premium Granular Products

Kynoch’s Premium Granular Products are unique and innovative products that are enhanced beyond the standard granular products. The products were developed to increase performance and efficiency. This is achieved through the raw material choice, nutrient combinations and nutrient content.

Ultra Range

Ultra Starter® is a dry, premium granular fertilizer formulated with high quality raw materials. The granules are coated with a highly concentrated micro-element formulation. The micro-element coating provides plant-available zinc, iron, manganese, copper and boron. Ultra Starter contains additional sulfur and magnesium, as well as a specialized potassium source that has a lower salt index.

Crops require all of the essential elements for optimal growth, development, and production. Micro-elements are an important component of these essential elements. The Ultra Range is an efficient way to follow a balanced nutritional approach.

There are a number of conditions that can result in micro-element deficiencies. The Ultra Range contributes by providing additional required nutrition. Fertilizer typically causes an acidified zone in the band. Micro-elements in this acidified zone remain available for a longer period for plant uptake, especially in higher pH soils.

Crops require all of the essential elements for optimal growth, development, and production. Micro-elements are an important component of these essential elements. The Ultra Range is an efficient way to follow a balanced nutritional approach.

Ultra Starter

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The Miracle™ Range was specifically developed to improve the efficacy of the nutrients and to supply most or all of the essential nutrients. Different raw materials, supplying macronutrients are used to manage and enhance their performance. Potential volatilization losses, phosphate fixation and chloride levels are managed. All the products contain nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, but also sulphur, calcium, magnesium, zinc and silicon. Silicon helps the plants to manage stressful situations.

Available in the following products: Blitz™, Bolt™, Brio®, Esprit®, Finesse®, Panache®, Prelude™, Zest®

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CaSuMa® Range

The CaSuMa® range contains nitrogen, phosphate and potassium also relatively large quantities of calcium, magnesium and sulphur. All the products also contain zinc. KynoPlus® is included to increase nitrogen efficiency and to reduce potential volatilization losses to negligible levels. These products are ideally suited for sandy soils with low nutrient status and they improve the pH in the fertilizer band. CaSuMa® fertilizers are available in a variety of N:P:K ratios.

CaSuMa® ProductsN %P %K %S %Ca %Mg %Zn %
CaSuMa 1.1.1(26) 0.5%Zn 5%S 4%Ca 2%Mg8.678.678.675.
CaSuMa 1.2.0(23) 0.5%Zn 5.5%S 4%Ca 2%Mg7.6715.330.005.504.002.000.50
CaSuMa 2.1.0(25) 0.5%Zn 6%S 4%Ca 2%Mg16.678.330.
CaSuMa 2.3.2(25) 0.5%Zn 6%S 4%Ca 2%Mg7.1410.717.
CaSuMa 3.2.1(27) 0.5%Zn 5.5%S 4%Ca 2%Mg13.509.004.505.504.002.000.50
CaSuMa 3.2.2(28) 0.5%Zn 5.5%S 4%Ca 2%Mg12.
CaSuMa 20.1.8(31) 0.5%Zn 5%S 4%Ca 2%Mg20.265.162.585.
CaSuMa 22.7.3(27) 0.5%Zn 6%S 4%Ca 2%Mg18.565.912.536.
CaSuMa 22.14.7(26) 0.5%Zn 6%S 4%Ca 2%Mg13.308.474.
CaSuMa 6.2.1(28) 0.5%Zn 6%S 4%Ca 2%Mg18.666.
CaSuMa 8.2.1(29)0.5%Zn 5.5%S 4%Ca 2%Mg21.095.272.645.504.002.000.50

Unica CalciumTM

Unica CalciumTM is an ideal top-dressing product which applies nitrogen, potassium and calcium in one application. Unica CalciumTM has low chloride levels and the nitrogen is in the nitrate form. It is available as a field grade product which can be broadcast across the field. These properties can potentially lead to increased yields and quality. Unica CalciumTM is also available as a water-soluble product.

Total N14.27 %
Nitrate-N100 %
Ammonia-N0.5 %
Potassium (K)21.28 %
Calcium(Ca)8.36 %
Boron (B)0.17%
pH (10% solution)6.0
Density(kg/l) loose prill1.05
ColourWhite prills 2-4 mm


KynoMacTM products are potassium sulphate-based. The MacMagic and Prelude products are a combination of potassium sulphate and KCL.

Our premium KynoPlus serves as the major nitrogen source in our KynoMac fertiliser, making it the ideal supplement to guarantee excellent crop development.

Every product in this line has the perfect nutritional blend for usage primarily as topdress mixtures.

All of the KynoMac blends are low-chlorine blends with lower salt indices than KCL blends since they exclusively use potassium sulphate as the postassium source.

Different NPK ratios at certain stages of the growth season are included in the KynoMac range, which was specifically designed for macadamias.

Standard secondary and micronutrient additions guarantee that the crop receives these crucial nutrients.

KynoPlus guarantees improved N-use efficiency, which increases potential yield and profit.

Through gene expression, silicon affects the physiology of plants. This aids in the crop’s stress management, which can increase water usage effectiveness and pest and disease resistance.

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ProductCaMgSSiZnOther Micro nutrient(s)
KynoMac 6.0.10(30)xxxxxx
KynoMac 7.0.6(30)xxxxxx
KynoMac 8.0.9(30)xxxxxx
KynoMac 9.1.8(33)xxxxxx

Starter Fertilizer

KynoPop® is Kynoch’s carefully formulated pop-up fertilizer – a fine, dry, highly water-soluble product, that enhances the vigour of the seedling and improves early root development.

KynoPop® has been specifically developed to provide for the immediate needs of the young seedling to ensure stronger seedlings that can better tolerate stress conditions, diseases and pests. This well-formulated product contains macro, secondary and micro-elements in a ratio especially beneficial to seedlings when used as a general application.

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Foliar Fertilizer

OEMFF® Product Range

Kynoch is proud of its forward-thinking foliar range that addresses crop-specific needs. The OEMFF® product range is specially formulated and growth stage-specific to boost your crop to reach only their best at each growth stage.

Each of the tailored formulations complements the macro and micro-nutritional requirements of the plant at each seasonal and climate stage.

OEMFF® Advantages:

  • Supports and enhances amongst others root development, growth, flowering and cell enlargement.
  • Contains micronutrients in the chelated form.
  • Assists in the mitigation of crop stresses.
  • They can be used under high or low pH conditions.
  • Key to achieving excellent yields and profits.

Contact our expert team to get the OEMFF® you need.


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Sunflower OEMFF

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Veggie OEMFF

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Pasture OEMFF

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Sugarcane OEMFF

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Water-Soluble Products

Kynoch offers a variety of water-soluble product from straights (e.g. Calcium Nitrate) to our own range, that cater to specific needs. All the different application methods are catered for from intense hydroponic system to fertigation through centre pivots. Everything needed for a complete and balanced nutrition under any circumstances is available.


Hydroponic systems have their own unique needs. Kynoch developed KynoPonix™ Alpha and Beta specifically for these hydroponic systems.

KynoPonix ™ Alpha and Beta

KynoPonix Alpha and KynoPonix Beta form a completely balanced hydroponic feed fertilizer specifically blended for crops grown in artificial media. These products can be applied in different ratios thereby altering the N:K ratio which changes depending on whether vegetative or reproductive growth is required. As there are only two products, the application is simplified. They are fine, highly soluble products that have been formulated for a range of irrigation water quality.

KynoPonix Alpha

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KynoPonix Beta

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Fertigation is the application of fertilizer through the irrigation water. Water-soluble products can be used in these systems and can be divided into two groups; Water-soluble blends and Water-soluble straights.

Water Soluble Blends

  • Unika Calcium WS
  • Calci K 95 – WS
  • FoliGrande
  • FoliPlus
  • KynoPlus + 6%S WS
  • KynoPlus Topstar WS
  • KynoPlus Topstar + S WS
  • Achilles WS
  • Gemini WS
  • Helios WS
  • Jupiter WS
  • Libra WS
  • Mars WS
  • Orion Plus WS
  • Polaris WS
  • Venus WS
  • KynoPonix™ Alpha
  • KynoPonix™ Beta

Water Soluble Straights

  • Calcium Nitrate
  • CalciBor™
  • Potassium Sulfate WS
  • Potassium Nitrate WS
  • Potassium Chloride Jap Fines
  • MAP Technical Grade A
  • MKP (Mono Potassium Phosphate)
  • Urea Phosphate
  • Urea LB (Max 0.5% Biuret)
  • Magnesium Sulfate WS
  • Magnesium Nitrate WS
  • KynoBor
  • Boric Acid
  • Sodium Molybdate
  • Fe EDTA
  • Fe DTPA
  • Mn EDTA
  • Zn EDTA
  • Cu EDTA
  • Iron Sulphate Monohydrate
  • Manganese Sulphate Monohydrate
  • Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate
  • Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate


Plant biostimulants have many benefits including enhancing nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, tolerance to stress, crop performance and crop quality. Plant biostimulants are any substance or microorganism from a natural origin that stimulates the plant’s natural processes to enhance crop production. The products can be applied directly to the plant or the soil (rhizosphere). Biostimulants act on the plants’ metabolic and enzymatic processes.

Worldwide biostimulants are becoming more and more important. Kynoch introduced its range of biostimulants to benefit the farmers.

KynoHumate – Black

KynoHumate is used as a soil amendment and stimulates root development and growth. KynoHumate contains humic acids that have many benefits for the soil environment and plant metabolism. It forms an important part of soil biology and serves as a source of energy for microorganisms. One of the major benefits is the retention of nutrients against leaching and the increase in nutrient availability. Humates help the plants tolerate salinity stress.

KynoHumate Black

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KynoFulvate – Yellow

KynoFulvate stimulates plant growth and promotes nutrient uptake. It can be used applied either as a foliar or directly to the soil application and can be combined with other fertilizer products. KynoFulvate contains fulvic acids. Fulvates can be absorbed by plants and seeds and have a direct effect on many plant processes. Among other things they improve seed germination, increasing the energy levels and increase membrane permeability. Complexes are formed with nutrients within the soil that mobilize these nutrients. While within the plant the nutrient movement (membrane permeability) is increased. Both promote nutrient uptake.

KynoFulvate Yellow

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KynoKelp is seaweed suspension containing natural macro and micro elements that can be used as a foliar application or root application. It is derived from the kelp species Ecklonia maxima, which grows along the Atlantic coast of Southern Africa. Kynokelp encourages the growth of plant roots. The improved root growth increases nutrient absorption and water use. Higher yields are produced by established, stronger plants. The plants experience extreme stress while producing fruit, which Kynokelp can help manage. Kynokelp aids plants in managing additional stress factors that could restrict growth.


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