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Different crops have different fertilizing needs, which is why Kynoch has developed a range of crop specific fertilizers. Our range of fertilizers have been designed to give your specific crop the nutrients it needs the most, at the time is it required. This approach promotes crop quality and growth, helping farmers and agriculturalists achieve optimal yield.

If you are unsure which fertilizers your crops require, take a look at the list of fertilizers for different crops below. Should you require more information about any of the fertilizers listed below, talk to a consultant or agriculturalist at Kynoch today.

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The total collection of products available ensures that our clients can match the nutritional needs of their crops at every growth stage, but also adapt either their overall fertilizer programs or their practices.

List of fertilizers for different crops

If you are planting any of the following crops, you will benefit from the application of Kynoch Fertilizers on your farm:

  • Maize: Kynoch has designed a specific blend of fertilizer for maize crops that will give your Maize plants the nutrients it needs most, at the time it is required. Promote crop growth and yield with Kynoch’s Maize OEMFF, and combine it with our other fertilizer products for the best results.
  • Wheat: Let Kynoch supply you with the best Fertilizer for your wheat crops. Our Wheat OEMFF has been developed to supply your whet plants with all the essential nutrients at the time the crop needs it most. Read more about our Wheat OEMFF and other essential wheat fertilizers.
  • Pasture: Grow luscious pastures by applying Kynoch’s Pasture OEMFF, a fertilizer product designed to meet the needs of your pastures. Get optimal yield from your pastures for your livestock by fertilizing with Kynoch’s Pasture OEMFF and other pasture fertilizers.
  • Soya: Get the most from your Soya / Soybean crops with Kynoch Fertilizer’s input. Our Soya OEMFF will promote crop quality, growth and yield when applied at the required growth stages. Read more about our Soya OEMFF.
  • Sunflower: When it comes to sunflower crops, the right fertilizer needs to be applied to avoid lush green foliage with few flowers. Kynoch Fertilizer has developed the ideal fertilizer for sunflowers, namely Sunflower OEMFF, which has been designed to supply the required nutrients at the right time.
  • Vegetables: Get optimal yield from your vegetable crops and promote yield quality with Kynoch’s Veggie OEMFF. The Veggie OEMFF product has been specially formulated to meet the needs of the specific growth stages of your vegetable crops.
  • Sugar Cane: Boost your sugarcane crops with Sugarcane OEMFF from Kynoch, which has been developed to complement the macro and micro nutritional requirements of the plant at a particular phenological stage.
  • Lucerne: Get the most from your Lucerne with specialised fertilizer for Lucerne from Kynoch, to ensure nutritious feed for your livestock.
  • Onions: Onions require high sources of Nitrogen. Kynoch’s specialised range of fertilizer for onions will provide your onion crops with the elements they require.
  • Fruit trees: It’s crucial to choose a balanced fertilizer for Fruit trees, with a higher phosphorus content to promote healthy root development and robust fruit production.
  • Citrus trees: Citrus trees thrive with a specialised citrus fertilizer that provides essential nutrients like nitrogen and potassium to support their growth and fruit-bearing potential.
  • Tomatoes: Tomato fertilizer is high in nitrogen to encourage lush foliage and vigorous growth, along with adequate phosphorus and potassium for robust fruit development.
  • Potatoes: Potato fertilizer needs a balanced N-P-K ratio to ensure both healthy foliage and a bountiful harvest of tubers.
  • Root crops: Root crops, such as carrots and beets, require a fertilizer with a lower nitrogen content and a higher concentration of phosphorus and potassium to encourage root growth and crop yield.
  • Barley: Fertilizer for Barely needs a slightly higher nitrogen content and moderate levels of phosphorus and potassium to promote strong stem and leaf growth, which is important for maximising grain production.
  • Oats: Oats benefit from a well-balanced fertilizer with a focus on nitrogen to promote lush foliage and sturdy straw for improved grain yield, along with sufficient phosphorus and potassium for overall plant health.

Enhanced Efficiency through Innovation

Kynoch’s vision is to be an innovative plant nutrition supplier that complements our clients’ businesses through Yield Enhancing Technologies® and innovation that enhances fertilizer performance.  This, as well as a comprehensive range of agronomic services, plant nutrient scheduling® aligned with plant development and growth enhancers, allows us and our clients to manage the growth of their crops optimally.

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Kynoch is the exclusive distributor of the globally proven Agrotain® nitrogen stabiliser supplied by Koch Industries. This Agrotain® technology was the first of many technologies that we adopted to ensure efficiency on the farm. It allowed us to build a new category of N-hanced-N® products which are known as the KynoPlus® range.

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It is clear that different crops require different fertilizers. By applying a crop specific fertilizer from Kynoch, you will give your crop the boost it needs for optimal growth, quality and yield. For more information or assistance with your crop’s fertilizer needs, contact Kynoch today to speak to a consultant or agriculturalist.