Kyno Pop Water Soluble


KynoPop™ is Kynoch’s carefully formulated pop-up fertilizer – a fine, dry highly water-soluble product that:

    • enhances the effectiveness of the seedling and improves early root development,
    • results in stronger seedlings that can better tolerate stress conditions (cold, heat, drought, herbicides, etc.), diseases and pests.



KynoPop™ is a balanced product that contains macro, secondary and micro elements in a ratio specifically beneficial to seedlings.  It is extremely suitable:

  • in cold and wet conditions during planting.
  • for sandy soils where nutritional deficiencies can handicap young seedlings and where wind damage can occur.


Although there may be sufficient nutrients in the soil, there may be various reasons for a crop’s seedlings to experience nutrient deficiencies, especially at seedling establishment and KynoPop™ will typically negate these.

  • Limited root development during the seedling establishment stage can impair nutrient uptake,
  • Cold, wet conditions at planting.  Such conditions can impair the uptake of nutrients and KynoPop™ can lower this risk.
  • Certain nutrients are more important than others during various growth stages. KynoPop™ has been specifically developed to provide for the immediate needs of the young seedling.
  • All the raw materials in KynoPop™ are highly “plant available” and are “soft” products that should, at recommended rates, not damage the young roots of germinating seeds.  The micro elements are chelated to enhance plant availability.

Statistical trials have also proven the financial benefit of this approach