GreenGold®, in Afrikaans: GroenGoud®

Properties (What):

  • A dry fertilizer comprising a winning combination of 30% Nitrogen (N), 9,6% Calcium (Ca) and 0,16% Boron (B).
  • The N in the nitrate form gives a rapid response and the N in the amine form gives a longer reaction, while the Ca and B are both highly plant available for immediate reaction.
  • GreenGold® is treated with Agrotain®, a urease inhibitor which controls potential nitrogen volatilization losses to negligable levels.

Advantages (Why):

  • After hydrolysis 100% of the N can be adsorbed onto the clay particles in the soil and is less prone to leaching.
  • After hydrolysis, 100% is in the ammonium-N form and is available to the plants.
  • The nitrate nitrogen is available to the plant immediately. This results in a rapid plant reaction after application.
  • Enhanced efficiency results in cost savings and possible higher yield and profitability.
  • Ca promotes nitrate absorption. There is also synergy between Ca and B in the plant.
  • Ca is part of the cell walls, and involved in cell division as well as cell elongation; thus in general growth, but especially in root development.
  • B plays an important role in pollination and fertilisation and is critical during the grain fill stage.
  • Concentration still higher than most other nitrogen sources and therefore transportation costs are less.
  • The advantages of nitrogen, calcium and boron – all in one application only.

Uses (Where):

  • Used where nitrogen, calcium and boron are needed. These deficiencies occur mostly on sandy soils with a low organic matter content.
  • Also considered to be suitable for minimum and no-till systems.
  • Apart from grain crops, GreenGold® is also highly suitable for vegetables and fruit and is also effective as top dressing on sunflower and pastures.

Application (How):

  • Can be applied pre-plant, at planting (in fertilizer blends) and post plant (as top dressing).
  • If needed, it can be applied on the soil surface.