Farm Visits

There are several visits to the farm during the production cycle. These visits aim to optimize production which includes the financial (increased profitability) and environmental (even eliminate possible pollution) impact on farm level.

Representative land soil samples

The service offered by Kynoch includes the taking of soil samples according to specific guidelines, the transport of the samples to the laboratory and the analysis of the samples according to the procedures requested. These results form the basis of our fertilizer proposals. All our soil analyses are processed and analysed at accredited laboratories to ensure accuracy and acceptable turnaround times.

Fertilizer proposals

A target yield, soil fertility level (soil sample results) and scientifically based fertilizer guidelines are used to produce scientifically sound fertilizer proposals. These proposals are developed by qualified people who will also take the management- and tillage practices of the producer into account to make them practical for on-farm use. Special attention will also be given not to harm the environment and to make them financially affordable.

Crop inspections and seasonal evaluations

Our in-house team of experienced Agriculturalists truly understands the science of crop production. It is extremely important to do regular crop inspections throughout the season. Possible nutrient deficiencies can be identified and timeously rectified to prevent any yield and/or quality losses. Any of these losses will have an impact on the profitability of the producer.

Other analysis

We are also able to offer leaf analysis to see if there are any nutrient deficiencies. It can happen that the crop already experiences nutrient deficiencies but the deficiency symptoms are not yet visible (hidden hunger). This hidden hunger can cost the farmer dearly in terms of profitability. Taking a leaf sample in time can prevent these losses. Water analysis for irrigation purposes is also important because water quality can have a direct influence on crop yield and quality. Kynoch can also take, analyse and interpret these samples and make a proposal towards the suitability of the water for crop production under irrigation.