Enhanced Efficiency through Innovation

To some enhance means to intensify, increase, to improve the quality or value of … or simply to make something better.  To Kynoch it means developing products that provide our farmers with innovative technologies that enhance fertilizer performance.  We do this so that our farmers can enjoy the rewards of excellent yields and enhanced profits, as this will allow them to focus on those things that enhance their quality of life.

This phrase is at the core of all we strive to do at Kynoch.  Gone are the days when it was good enough only to supply a good quality product to our clients.  South Africa’s population is growing at almost 2% per year.  The population is expected to grow to 82 million by the year 2035 and food production or imports must more than double in the next 20 years to feed the expanding population, and production needs to increase using the same or fewer natural resources.  With the demands that are set on producers in this day and age it is imperative that we make a difference to our partners’ operations by ensuring we supply them with an input that conforms to all the required specifications, but to also cost-effectively offer the added advantage of innovative breakthroughs regarding crop nutrition so as to ensure optimal yield.

This also speaks to Kynoch’s vision to be an innovative plant nutrition supplier that complements our clients’ businesses using yield enhancing technologies and innovation and to provide a comprehensive range of plant nutrition, growth enhancers and agronomic services so as to optimally manage crops according to their growth cycles.

Researchers work constantly to develop technologies that improve fertilizer performance and efficiency.  Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers (EFFs) are fertilizer products that can reduce nutrient losses to the environment while increasing nutrient availability for the plant or the crop.  These fertilizers can either slow the release of nutrients for uptake or alter the conversion of nutrients to other forms that may be less susceptible to losses.


Protect your Nitrogen

Kynoch has been a leader in bringing these technologies to the local farmer when it introduced nitrogen stabilizers to the market.  As exclusive distributor of patented Agrotain®-technology supplied by Koch Industries, Kynoch introduced KynoPlusTM to the local market. Since 2010 the results seen when applying this technology that reduces nitrogen volatilisation has been astounding. KynoPlusTM is only the first product in a range of N-hanced-NTM nitrogen fertilizer blends that will control nitrogen volatilisation, nitrification and leaching.

AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer products help secure your nitrogen investment. When untreated urea or UAN is surface-applied, on average up to 40% of the urea-based nitrogen can be lost. By using enhanced efficiency fertilizers, like urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizers, you can help guard against costly nitrogen loss.


The total suite of products available ensures that our clients are able to match the nutritional needs of their crops at every growth stage – it is important to note that although Kynoch has a range of enhanced products available, we do not believe in a “silver bullet” and rather the combinations we use to ensure optimal performance.

Enhanced Efficiency through Innovation – it is always about the sum total.  For more information on how to get the biggest bang for your buck, contact one of our agents or agronomists or e-mail us at info@kynoch.co.za.

Passing the Tests

The patented Agrotain®-technologies used is a “tried and tested” enhancer.  It had been developed and perfected over many years and the extremely positive results have been experienced and documented globally, and Readers of No-Till Farmer magazine have voted AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer as the top product in the fertility/soil amendments category for nine consecutive years. 

Replicated university research trials have been conducted with AGROTAIN® stabilizer for more than 10 years. Both laboratory and field results have consistently demonstrated lower volatilization loss for AGROTAIN® stabilizer compared to untreated urea. As more nitrogen remains available for plant uptake, it increases the potential for greater yield.

Neither the university, nor anyone conducting the research on its behalf, endorse the products(s) or use of the product(s) mentioned herein.

As a result of the huge successes achieved others will try to follow, but surely you do not want second best – don’t take a chance, opt for the best and use our proven technology.  For more information on specific results achieved closer to home contact one of our Regional Sales Managers or General Manager: Yield Enhancing Solutions.