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Crop Yield Enhancing

A Crop Yield Enhancing Program for Optimal Crop Production

Crop yield enhancing encompasses the management of the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum (SPAC) to promote optimal crop production. This complex and dynamic system holds several benefits if expertly managed.

Crop Yield Enhancing Has a Host of Benefits

This includes but is not exclusive to improved plant start-up from seed or seedling shoot, improved plant and root health and improved nutrient and water intake as well as stress and drought mitigation. Crop yield enhancing also helps with preventing or at least managing nutrient tie-up within the soil and inside the plant.

As a result, farmers are seeing better results from the fertilizers when enhancers are being introduced and this is translating to increased agricultural output.

Produce output and fertilizer enhancers have been proven to provide economic and environmental benefits. Introducing agricultural output enhancers has seen growing improvement season on season in both the quality of the soil as well as an increasing return on investment.

Crop Yield Enhancing – Timing is Everything 

There are several factors contributing to the success of any crop production, regardless of the type, but one of the most important ingredients in this process is the presence and the management of the nitrogen in the soil.

Introducing nitrogen to the plant at the right time is essential to procuring a successful yield. In fact, John D. Bailey, National Product Manager – Row Crops, Timac Agro, calls poor nitrogen use efficiency the “single-most pressing fertilizer issue that faces us in agriculture.”

Crop Yield EnhancingHe adds, “It causes product output loss, environmental degradation and poor return on investment.” This concern takes place more often than necessary as farmers often don’t make use of crop yield enhancers.

Still, however, extensive research indicates that crop yield enhancing is hugely advantageous to crop producers.

The Educated Solution

This is why Kynoch has drawn on its one hundred years of proven expertise and experience, utilising leading agriculturists and product developers to procure a premium yield enhancing management system.

This system takes the individual needs of your soil, irrigation factors and produce into consideration when increasing your product yields and return on investment exponentially, season upon season. Kynoch understands the timing and expertise necessary to achieve this and therefore uses a crop specific approach.

Kynoch will include you in our fold. You will receive several visits during the production cycle, where we will advise you on details such as the financial and environmental impact of the farm. Our specialised agriculturists will assist in recommending products, fertilizer programs and scheduling of nutrients based on your crops’ specific needs while applying ongoing innovation, research and development. Contact us to find out how we can complement your business.

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