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A few Reasons to Consider using a Liquid Fertilizer

The escalating demand for food by a steadily expanding global population has led to a widespread decline in the use of traditional farming methods due to their limited production capacity. The days of horse-drawn ploughs and natural manure have largely been abandoned in favour of motor-driven tractors and specially-formulated nutrient mixtures to improve crop yield and quality. In many cases, the chosen mix is a liquid fertilizer, and there are several valid reasons why more and more farmers are now choosing this option.

Improved Performance

Firstly, plant nutrients must be readily accessible if they are to be optimally effective. When introduced in solid form, the active ingredients will be gradually released into the soil and are not immediately available to a plant’s root system. By contrast, when dissolved in solution, the contents percolate rapidly through the soil profile and can be accessed directly by the treated crops. This property of liquid fertilizer can be particularly beneficial in dry conditions as it reduces the need for watering. Furthermore, urea, ammonium and nitrate provide multiple sources of nitrogen that are less prone to losses by evaporation and leaching.

liquid fertilizerEase of Use

Ensuring the even distribution of nutrients is as essential as adequate soil penetration to guarantee the best results. When distributing a granular product, some areas will always tend to receive more or less than others. However, when spraying a solution, whether manually or automatically, one can bank on 100 per cent coverage of a field, including the marginal areas. The resulting even distribution when using a liquid fertilizer will serve to maximise the potential yield.

Benefits to the Environment

Pesticides, fungicides and various other crop treatments are supplied in liquid form for ease and efficiency. However, there is no reason why these products should not be mixed with a suitable plant nutrient solution. By combining two or more treatments into a single spraying operation, a farmer can save some valuable time and cut labour costs while using less fuel and minimising emissions. Also, when employing a reusable storage tank to hold stocks of liquid fertilizer, one can help reduce plastic waste.

Economic Advantages

Because these liquid products are less affected by weather conditions, they offer greater flexibility. They can be applied during those less busy periods when employees have fewer competing tasks to handle. Furthermore, using a sprayable solution makes this a job that a single employee can often tackle.

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