Kynoch has developed its own foliar range to address the specific needs of different crops and is referred to as our OEMFF®-range. This product range had been developed with the specific crop’s physiology in mind and as a result this offering does not follow a “one-size-fits-all” approach.


The specially formulated and growth stage specific OEMFF® products from Kynoch will boost your crop to reveal only their best at each growth stage.  Each of the tailor-made formulations complement the macro and micro nutritional requirements of the plant at a particular phenological stage and therefore this range of foliars:

  • Supports and enhances amongst others root development, growth, flowering and cell enlargement,
  • Consists of the applicable micro-elements in chelated form,
  • Assists in the mitigation of crop stresses,
  • Can be used under high or low pH conditions, and
  • Attributes towards excellent yields and profits.

This foliar range is continuously being updated so as to ensure we bring you the latest proven technology and enhancers in improving the quality and efficiency of our product and also your crop.  Our current OEMFF® range consists of the following options so as to ensure you are able to nurture growth at every stage:

Speak to one of our regional managers, sales team or agriculturalists to find out more regarding the specific products that will address your specific needs.



Kynoch is also the exclusive distributor of Yara’s premium range of YaraVita® products in the South Africa (excluding the Western Cape).