Maize Oemff

Product Type Water Soluble Foliar Crop Dev. Crop Specific
Enhancer Foliar

Properties (What):

It is a fine, highly soluble product.

Mielie OEMFF® N P K Mg S
Macro-elements (g/kg) 87,6 173,3 28,5 - -
Secondary-elements (g/kg) - - - 39,2 56,7

Mielie OEMFF® Fe* Mn* Zn* Cu* B Mo
Micro-elements (mg/kg) 2 275 1 300 2 025 900 1 817 198

* = chelated

Advantages (Why):

  • Maize can experience nutrient deficiencies due to other reasons although there maybe enough nutrients in the soil.
  • In maize, cobb and tassle initiation occurs in the first six weeks after emergence. From six weeks onward the maize plant grows and develops very quickly, which means that any deficiencies including nutrient deficiencies during this growth phase can have a significant impact on the production potential.
  • Some nutrients are more important than other nutrients during specific growth stages. Mielie OEMFF® is not a generic foliar feed. It is specifically formulated to meet the specific needs of a maize plant and the necessary micro-elements are chelated.
  • Mielie OEMFF® enhances the efficiency of the maize plant through, for example, improved root development and improved chlorophyll production for photosynthesis.
  • Only one product necessary for a foliar feed in the spray tank.
Product kg/ha Application time
3 to 4 kg As a foliar application for general growth and development at the 8 to 12 leaf stage (4 to 6 weeks after emergence). Especially one week after a gliphosate application.
3 to 4 kg As a foliar application for pollination,fertilization and grain fill, two weeks before the tassling stage.
8 kg Can also be applied at the abovementioned growth stages through overhead irrigation.

Uses (Where):

  • Mielie OEMFF® contains macro-elements, secondary-elements and micro-elements in a specific ratio which is beneficial to maize and can be used as a general application if needed.
  • Extremely usefull if the maize plant was exposed to stresses like water logged conditions/drought and heat, cold or chemical stress.
  • Can be used under very high or very low pH conditions where specific micro-nutrient deficiencies are expected.

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